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TV Diary: Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

TV Diary 7.20.14

Dear TV Diary,

First of all, I love that Principal Wood (D.B. Woodside) is on Suits now, and romancing Jessica (goddess Gina Torres). You know how I always love to see actors from the Whedonverse working together. And hey, they used to make-out on 24 a decade ago, so it’s a nice reunion. And speaking of Jessica, OMFG at her off-the-shoulder white dress. (See the photo above.) I have long said that Gina Torres is the most beautiful woman in the world, so there’s Exhibit Z. I mean, sure, as a partner in a law firm, it is crazy that Jessica is dressed like that for a day in the office; but if you were a costume designer whose job it was to adorn Gina Torres’s body in fabric, wouldn’t you have picked that dress too? Plus, even wearing a partially transparent white dress, while standing in a corporate law office, in that moment I still believed that Gina Torres was capable of saving the world and/or destroying it. Like some of the smart people in my Twitter feed, let us all take a moment and wonder why Gina Torres isn’t just the biggest action star in the world.

Jessica Pearson’s perfection aside, I have to admit that I have not been loving Suits this season. I went into the season unsure about Mike’s new job as an investment banker. I mean, the only thing more boring than corporate law is corporate finance. Plus, it seems like his new job is basically the same as Richard Gere’s in Pretty Woman; he buys companies, breaks them up into pieces, and sells them for their parts. I can just see this whole storyline ending with an existential crisis brought on by a hooker, where Walter Gillis is like “Mr. Ross and I are going to build ships together, great big ships!”

More important than the cartoonish elements of investment banking, however, is how Mike’s new job impacts the various relationships on the show. The answer? It sets up Mike and Harvey as antagonists, with Rachel caught in the middle. Ugh. I don’t like when Harvey and Mike fight, you guys! I’m a big baby and this is stressful. That said, my concerns were greatly mitigated in the latest episode, “Pound of Flesh,” which I LOVED. It was so entertaining from start to finish. The Harvey/Mike scenes at the hospital and the steakhouse were so good, and they gave me hope for the future.  Read more…


Heroine TV Podcast #52: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Turns 100!

July 15, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Adam Taylor.

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Adam Taylor.

We all need to take a psychological selfie after watching the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars. So much happened! Crissy Calhoun (@crissycalhoun) returned to the podcast for the occasion, along with our lovely friend Sarah Dunn (@SarahDeeee), and we had a lot of fun talking about the fashion, the hair, and all the intrigue. We started off analyzing episode 99, “Thrown from the Ride,” and after about 39 minutes in, went into detail about the insane 100th episode, “Miss You x100.” You can listen on the player below, download the MP3, or subscribe via iTunes. Also, you should check out Crissy’s blog post about her visit to Rosewood, aka the WB studio lot. Enjoy!

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TV Diary: Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014

TV Diary 7.09.14

Dear TV Diary,

Over the long holiday weekend, I watched an absurd amount of television. Insane. Simply inappropriate. Let me pour myself a couple mimosas and tell you all about it.

I am now caught up on The Fosters—or at least I was, before this week’s episode. (Summer TV is a lot of work, you guys!) I have to admit that I had forgotten why I loved the show, but a three-episode binge definitely reminded me. First of all, Jude continues to be sweetly adorable and an inspiration to us all. His essay about finding “my forever family”? Forget about it. And who would have thought a bunch of pre-teens playing spin the bottle could pull at your heartstrings? But seriously, the show does a great job with Jude’s storylines, showing the struggles of being a kid who’s different, in a world that wants to put people in clearly designated boxes, based on gendered behavior.

And what is up with Marianna? She has joined the dance team, and has colored her hair blond, seemingly in an attempt to belong. At first I was weirded out by her blond wig hair, but as the story developed, I’m really into it. It’s nice for a show to really address the more complicated hair politics that young girls (and also, grown women) navigate. The conversation between Lena and Steph in the kitchen, about how to deal with the situation, was something I’ve never seen before on television. Hair can be a very emotional issue for girls as they grow up, as it plays such an important part in the development of identity—racial, ethnic, and/or otherwise—and can be a huge factor in self-esteem. It is so much more than “hair.” And yet nobody ever says that on TV! They just have “perfect,” socially acceptable hair on TV, and that is that. (And hey, I love looking at that pretty, pretty, “perfect” hair, I can’t lie.) It reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from last season, when Lena’s mom came to visit, and they dealt with some deep-seated issues about skin color and race identity. Thanks for continuing to surprise me, in the best way, The Fosters!

And hey, speaking of hair, remember how Kerr Smith, aka Jack from Dawson’s Creek, is totally a silver fox now? Prepare to feel very old. Yep, Kerr is playing Callie’s silver-haired biological father! We actually got to see Callie meet her bio dad, who gave her a letter from her half-sister Sophia, who looks exactly like her. The casting is so good that I actually had to check IMDB to see if the actresses are sisters in real life. (They are not.)  Read more…

TV Diary: Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

TV Diary 6.30.14

Dear TV Diary,

I have resolved to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, so here is my first wobbling step. I have hopes to make this a bi-weekly series of TV Diary posts, checking in on the TV that I’m watching and enjoying during that given week. For me, summer TV is all about soapy fun, and just as I tend to crave junk food during these hot and humid months, I crave completely non-nutritious comforts onscreen.

Of course, ABC Family is a summer-time staple for me. I am devotedly watching Pretty Little Liars, and I posted a podcast about the first three episodes on Monday. You can listen to Crissy and I discuss our detailed thoughts at that link, if you’re interested in the latest drama in Rosewood. Surprisingly, I am behind on a couple of my other ABC Family favorites. I have a few episodes of The Fosters stacking up on my DVR that I haven’t touched, and I’ve only watched the premiere of Switched at Birth. I think some of the angsty and/or super earnest plotlines on those two shows have me a bit hesitant to jump back in. I’m just looking for something a little more light and fun at the moment. I did watch the Switched at Birth premiere, and was intensely stressed out about poor, clueless Tank. Poor Tank! And that Riverside development storyline … um. No further comment.

I am, however, keeping up with the new ABC Family series Chasing Life. An aspiring reporter in her early 20s is diagnosed with cancer. How will her life threatening diagnosis change her life? I am pretty into the show in spite of its premise. It had a lot going against it, notably the promo poster featuring a lady in evening wear sitting on a coffin full of lemons, in the middle of a grassy field. I mean. But Italia Ricci is lovely, and reminds me of Shiri Appleby. Plus, I love her name. And the actress who plays her mom is delightfully charming and gorgeous (and was Fitz’s evil mom on Pretty Little Liars, and even showed up Scandal once). The grandma is equally a delight, and I’m really enjoying watching these three generations of women live together under one roof. Oh, and Cappie from Greek showed up, and he got a haircut and grew a beard, and what more can you ask for in life? He is playing the spoiled son of a local politician, and he is clearly destined to be the main character’s new BFF, or maybe even her lobster. We shall see.  Read more…

Heroine TV Podcast #51: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Reunited!

June 30, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless.

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless.

Pretty Little Liars is back! Can you believe that we’re in the 5th season? 3 new episodes have aired this month and so much has already happened. Alison is back, and all our liars are reunited. But you know what they say: More liars, more problems. Crissy Calhoun (@crissycalhoun, returned to the Heroine TV Podcast to discuss the latest intrigue and drama, and we had a lot to say. You can listen to our episode on the player below, download the MP3, or subscribe via iTunes. Enjoy!

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NASHVILLE: “On The Other Hand”

June 27, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC/ Mark Levine.

Photo Credit: ABC/ Mark Levine.

Read on for Johnni’s recap of the season 2 finale of Nashville, originally aired Wednesday, May 14, 2014:

If you’re anything like us, you still can’t get over the amazing Nashville season 2 finale! To tide you over until the season 3 premiere in the fall, here is our recap for the epic and totally romantic finale. Let’s get started.

The season finale begins as Rayna’s album launch week is under way, and her competition with Will’s album is apparent from the start. Jeff is playing dirty in order to ruin Rayna’s launch, even stealing her spot on Good Morning America without thinking twice about it. If that isn’t bad enough, he is still blackmailing Juliette into leaving Highway 65 Records.

Although Juliette is in a serious shame spiral after sleeping with Jeff, Rayna doesn’t fire her even after she insults her. With nothing but guilt on her mind, Juliette shows up drunk to Deacon’s alcohol recovery event and is quickly pulled off stage before she causes a scene. Rayna ends up yelling at her for being drunk, but changes her tune when Juliette opens up to her about cheating on Avery. Being the amazing mother that she is, Rayna holds Juliette’s hair back as she throws up and tells her that they will get back at Jeff together. Yay Team Rayna!

Just as Juliette finally decides to tell Avery the truth, Gunnar and Zoey tell him about the affair. Avery is heartbroken, of course, and walks out on Juliette. Poor Avery, he is always getting hurt.  Read more…


June 6, 2014
Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Read on for Crissy’s reflections on the Pretty Little Liars season 4 finale, originally aired Tuesday, March 18, 2014:

Like Christmas in June, this time next week we’ll be dishing about an all-new episode of Pretty Little Liars when season five (five!) starts on Tuesday, June 10th. Best to brush up on where we left our fearless foursome fivesome first! To the PLL time machine!

“A Is for Answers,” the season four finale, begins with the girls waiting in a loft with…Noel Kahn! Mystery person from the cliffhanger of the previous episode. Is it a trap? Are they sitting geese? Before Hanna and Spencer can get too far into their discussion of ducks, geese, quacking, and honking, Ali arrives! Hanna wants to hug her and slap her at the same time! Ali could use a hug! She hugs Han, Em, and Aria, and then there’s some Spencer awkwardness. But Ali is gracious despite the trust problem from a few episodes back: she needs Spence’s help and is glad she’s there. Han tells her they think Mrs. D. is A. Ali neither confirms nor denies, but says she is ready to tell them everything. But if they can’t figure out who A is by the end of the night, Ali will disappear for good!

Ali cuts off Spencer by jumping right into the Night of Her Faux Murder: it’s flashback time, Hastings! At Hilton Head with Ian (gross), Ali overhears Ian and Melissa having words about her — Melissa says that if he keeps it up with Ali, someone will get hurt — and Ali deletes the video footage from the camera that was aimed at the bed (double gross) and then finds all sorts of videos, including the Jenna-Toby clip from season one. Thinking Jenna was A, she threatens Jenna at the blind institute…but then gets an A text — Jenna’s in the clear.  Read more…