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Gossip Girl Season 2 so far: “Summer, Kind of Wonderful,” “Never Been Marcused,” & “Dark Night”

September 23, 2008

Blair in her uniformThe following comments apply to the first 3 episodes of Season 2: “Summer, Kind of Wonderful,” “Never Been Marcused,” and “Dark Night.” B.T.W., I love the episode titles on this show! I’ll start with the fabulous part of the show, i.e. Blair Waldorf. While Gossip Girl is certainly not the best show of all time, I really think that Blair may be my favorite t.v. character of all time. She’s a smarter more sophisticated version of the high school Cordelia Chase (before Cordy got super selfless and serious, along with increasingly bad hair, and 2 creepy supernatural pregnancies). Really, Blair makes the show for me, and I could take or leave the other characters.

As for those other characters, I think Nate’s ridiculous storyline must be commented on. Nate and the Duchess both seem to have done complete 180˚ turns since the season premiere. In episode one, Nate was crazy about his older girlfriend, and she was the one desperate to hide their affair, and perhaps even end it. Nate even went so far as to kiss Serena to make the woman jealous (I know, what a huge sacrifice, right!). Now, after sleeping with this older woman all summer, he talks to Vanessa for a couple minutes and all of a sudden wants to be with only her?! Then his relationship with the Duchess becomes prostitution. What?!?!?! And then the Duchess confesses that she’s deeply in love with Nate. What?!?!  Whatever … The best part of the storyline is that Blair found out about the clandestine May-December affair and is using it to black-mail the nasty Duchess into supporting her relationship with Lord Marcus. Classic!

As for Vanessa, I wish she would shave her head, wear army boots, and start making subversive movies, like her kick-ass character from the books. However, this is the CW, so probably not.  Alas, alack, sigh.

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