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Heroes Season 3 Premiere

September 23, 2008

Heroes posterWarning: Spoilers for the 2 part premiere (“The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect”)!

So season 3 opened with a 2 hour premiere, which answered a couple questions and created oh so many more. First, we found out that it was Future Peter who shot Nathan, but (oh so fortunately) Nathan did not die. While I love FP with his hard-core scar, and the motivation behind what he did was compelling (very X-Men-ish), it was not a very well-thought out plan. If FP wanted to prevent the announcement, why didn’t he shoot someone else (even himself, since he is such an “empathetic” character), or at least just shoot Nathan’s leg or something? Really, a bullet anywhere in the vicinity would have shut down the press conference—FP did NOT need to shoot his own brother in the chest! FP should have deliberately missed and just shot above the target.

Secondly, we finally found out what Mrs. Petrelli’s power is: the dream walking thing we saw Peter do in Season 1. It now makes me wonder if Simone’s dad had the dream power (as I thought back then), or if Peter was only seeing his mentor in his own dreams. I always had thought that Peter absorbed that dream ability from the old man. Hmmm. Anyways, Christine Rose was in top villainous form this episode, and I was glad she gave FP (aka the stupider Peter) a piece of her mind … which reminds me …

FP stashed his younger self in the body of a known villain (Weevil of Veronica Mars fame, hurrah!!!) entrapped in the Company! What the frak!!! Bad bad bad BAD idea, even before I saw the rest of the episode. It was no surprise AT ALL when all the bad guys escaped. Again, stupid, stupid FP, and I haven’t even pointed out the worst consequence of FP’s time-travel.

Hands down the worst consequence of FP’s time travel is that Sylar now has Claire’s power! When Sylar showed up at Claire’s the ensuing scene read like a cheesy horror flick. For a moment there I thought I was watching Scream or something. It’s too bad that all the strides that Buffy the Vampire Slayer made towards empowering women in horror flicks is completely obliterated in this show. Claire walked around terrified carrying a kitchen knife, and then hid in the closet … jeesh. However, the end of the scene saved it with the awesome fact that Sylar actually did get Claire’s power, and the immortal girl survived it! This helps explain a point in Season 1’s “Five Years Gone” that always bothered me—in that episode, we were seeing what would have happened if they did not “save the cheerleader,” but Claire was still alive. Now we know why—she’s immortal just like Sark (AKA Adam). Whether there’s even more to it, as Sylar hinted at with his “you’re special and different” insinuation, we will have to wait to see.

Another mystery kinda sorta answered is the fate of Niki/Jessica. It seems that Ms. Sanders really is dead, but her Doppelganger, Tracy Strauss, is alive and has the power to freeze. I hope there is some kind of connection to the original Nikki, and it’s not just, “wow, they really look alike.” I have to say that I am really sorry to see Nikki go, as super-strength is pretty much the most useful power, and she was the only one who had it.

Now that I think about it though, I guess Mohinder Suresh displayed some super-strength when he (idiotically) shot himself up with Maya’s adrenaline goo. I have no patience with Suresh, as he is the one with the most combined scientific info, and he uses it to be an idiot. “Hmm, I think I’ll just stick myself with this needle. I sure hope it doesn’t give me the tragic and murderous black tears, or something way worse, la di da, ho humm.”


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