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My Favorite Podcasts Part I

September 25, 2008
PottercastI love podcasts—I’m completely addicted. However, any time that I mention this fabulous entertainment medium, people either roll their eyes, or ask me “What’s a podcast?” I try to explain, but they just look confused, and refuse to actually listen to one, so I thought I would put it in writing—then you’ll be sure to believe me, right? A podcast is a sort of an independent web-based radio show. Anyone can start one, and they are free to listen to. You can download podcasts from iTunes (my preferred method), or download the mp3 file on the podcast’s web-site, or listen to the streaming audio of the show on the podcasters’ respective web-site.
There are podcasts on almost every subject. My favorite are in the entertainment category—fan podcasts dedicated to a particular show, genre, or fandom. A typical Lost podcast, for example, might begin with the hosts’ intro along with the latest Lost news, followed by a recap of the latest episode, followed by calls or emails from listeners, and then with the analysis and commentary by the hosts, and ending with spoilers or predictions for the next episode. Most podcasts divide each show into segments with bumper music to transition the changes, and sometimes screen caps from the episodes are shown during the recaps.  However, it is important to note that there is a lot of variation in the organization and content of different podcasts. This enables each podcaster to show-case his or her own creativity or individuality. As a podcast connoisseur, I hope to help you newbie podcast listeners to find the best shows to fit your respective tastes. Enjoy!
  1. Pottercast: This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and the only Harry Potter podcast I currently listen to. It is produced by the people who run the Leaky Cauldron site ( and the hosts are Melissa Annelli (Web-mistress of the Leaky Cauldron), John Noe, and Sue (a proud Hufflepuff), and a new addition to the cast, Frak. I used to listen to a different Harry Potter podcast (Mugglecast), but Pottercast is far superior in quality and content. The chemistry between the hosts is great, and there’s a perfect balance between banter and professionalism. Recent highlights include an interview with J.K. Rowling herself.
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