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“Damn, I forgot about God!”

September 27, 2008

Mere and ChristinaWarning: The following entry contains minor spoilers for the Season 5 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy!

I think that Grey’s has made a great start to the season. The 2 hour premiere went a long way towards bringing the show back to its former glory, and I hope the show continues to only get better. The episode began with the characters all impatiently waiting to find out Seattle Grace’s rating as a teaching hospital. It turned out that SG had dropped to number 12, and everyone was affected by this news in some way. The drop in hospital ratings drove the entire plot of the episode, and it seems clear that Shonda Rhimes used this plot device as a metaphor for the drop in Grey’s Nielson ratings, and the perceived drop in quality of the show last year (even starting in Season 3). Most critics and fans have been disappointed by Grey’s in the 3rd and 4th seasons, mostly due to the improbable and clumsily handled pairing of George and Izzy. The 3rd season finale showed every principle character miserable(usually I don’t mind miserable characters, as I am a Joss Whedon fan, but in this instance they really went overboard), and the 4th season continued this downward spiral (in line with my theory about “the 4th season curse”). But the 4th season finale gave disheartened viewers hope again, and now with last night’s premiere the writers have shown us that Grey’s is still worth watching.

The army surgeon, Dr. Hunt (Lucius Vorenus from Rome—hurrah!), had to be my favorite part of the episode. He was completely charming and awesome, and I hope that he takes that job Richard offered. He and Christina had amazing chemistry! “A pen trach[e]… hot!” Other highlights were the doctors praying for a trauma victim to be sent Seattle Grace’s way (a very well-written scene), and later when Bailey and Christina urged the 3 ladies in ball gowns to “insist” that their husbands be brought to Seattle Grace. In real life, the doctors’ attitudes would be reprehensible—these selfish doctors constantly forget about being human in their eagerness for exciting surgeries—but I think that it makes for good t.v. If every episode were completely serious, Grey’s would devolve into a medical procedural. If every episode was weighty and made us cry, it would be draining to watch. We need a little lightness, and it looks like we’re getting it.

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