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My Favorite Podcasts Part II

September 27, 2008

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack:

I have been listening to this podcast from the beginning, and it is definitely my absolute favorite podcast. More than any other t.v. show, Lost calls for podcasts. As the most complicated and intriguing show on television, there are dozens of podcasts dedicated to discussing the mysteries of the island. These podcasts can help fans better enjoy their favorite show.  Viewers that gave up on Lost because it was too complicated should have listened to a podcast instead of quitting the show. Jay and Jack’s is the best one out there, perfectly combining quirky humor with more serious analysis.  One of my favorite parts is Jack’s “Crack-Pot Theory of the Week.”  For example: Rose and Bernard work for Dharma, or the plane never crashed, etc.  Even if I didn’t watch Lost, I would still listen to this podcast, because it’s just plain entertaining. There are a lot of inside jokes in the podcast, so I recommend going back and listening to the earlier episodes—they began in Season 2 of the show—but it’s not necessary. During the Lost season, they put out 2 a week—the first with their recap and initial thoughts, and the second incorporating listener feedback. Go subscribe on iTunes now!

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