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Allison from Palmdale

October 1, 2008

Warning: Spoilers for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 2, ep. 4Cameron hanging

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. So much was revealed about Cameron, and so much was opened up for question regarding her character. What do we know now? First of all, there was a human version of Cameron.  She was named Allison Young, a 16 year old girl from Palmdale whose entire family was killed by the machines. She was a trusted part of John’s camp, and was captured by the machines. She was interrogated by a terminator who looked exactly like her—Cameron, I assume. Cameron was trying to find out where John’s camp was so that she could infiltrate it, posing as Allison. Allison withheld crucial information from the terminator about how to get into the camp—that her bracelet was the pass to enter. But when Cameron killed some other resistance fighters on the way to John’s camp, she learned that they were all wearing identical bracelets. Angry at being deceived, Cameron snapped Allison’s neck.

It seems that the human part of Cameron was cloned from Allison, and she was programmed with some of Allison’s memories so that she could better infiltrate the resistance. What happened after that we can only guess. Most likely, Cameron was discovered (probably by barking dogs), and reprogrammed by John. At first I thought that maybe John in the future sent her back thinking that she was human, and she is working for her own agenda. Cameron’s protection of teenage John could serve a larger scheme to gain his trust. But then I remembered that Derek Reese knew her as a terminator working for John in the future, so she must have been discovered and reprogrammed. However, somehow she still retains Allison’s memories, and it seems that her learning switch is not turned off. Cameron has certainly shown that she is unstable and a good liar.  She told John in the pilot episode that she was different, and it seems she is. She was never programmed to simply kill John Connor, but had a more complex mission—she’s an infiltrator model, not merely a terminator.  Summer Glau was amazing in all her scenes–playing the very human Allison and the terminator Cameron in several scenes not only displayed her acting range, but it must have been difficult to shoot, especially not having anyone to act opposite from.  Bravo!

When Cameron lost her memory and thought that she was Allison, she called Allison’s mother. However, since this is only 2007, Allison is not born yet. When Cameron called her “mom,” Mrs. Young was revealed to be pregnant with the future Allison, so we now know that Allison is younger than Derek and Kyle Reese. That scene was just heartbreaking. The reality of the human Allison makes me wonder how future John will react when he meets her in the future, now that he has known her terminator doppelganger first.

On lighter note, Ellison goes to visit his ex-wife, who also is an FBI agent, and she states accusingly, “You’re not wearing your cross.” When he asks how she knows that, she says it’s how he’s carrying himself. What?!? Does she have a cross radar or something? That scene was just ridiculous. I think it’s cool that the writers have filled out Ellison’s character, and that his faith is a big part of his identity, but this is really going overboard and becoming annoying.

We were also treated to another shocker: Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) has a daughter! What is going on here? Perhaps there was a real (human) Catherine Weaver, the red-haired girl is her human daughter, and the liquid metal terminator just took over her life—she can shape shift, so that wouldn’t be a problem. However, the girl could also be a terminator of some kind. Perhaps there is cloning involved?  We will have to wait and see.

My final judgment is that this was the best episode of the season, except for one thing: no Derek Reese!  I hope that he will be back soon.  I wonder if he knew Allison . . .

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