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Heroes: “One of Us, One of Them”

October 2, 2008

Warning: Spoilers for Heroes, Season 3, episode 3.

First, let us just contemplate the creepiness that is Mama Petrelli’s relationship with her son Sylar. She actually fed Sylar someone’s ability—killing poor dim-witted Brigitte, who should have been racing out of there. All you have to do is look at Sylar’s face to know he’s evil, and really the same thing could be said for Mama Petrelli. Sylar gains the ability to know the history of any object by touching it—now he can be a Super- … um … let’s see … hmm … Historian! Great, like I didn’t have enough competition in the job-market. Mama Petrelli convinces HRG to temporarily rejoin the Company, in order to put the villains backin Unit 5. Noah of course wants to be teamed up with his old partner, but Petrelli explains: “The Haitian is unavailable. He’s on a pick-up assignment for me.” (Suprisingly, we actually find out what the Haitian Sensation is up to later in the episode) Mrs. Petrelli then pairs Sylar with HRG. In response to HRG’s shocked expression (and the fans disbeleiving stares), Mama Petrelli assures HRG that “He’s been misunderstood. He just needs structure.” Letting Sylar out of custody was a bad enough idea, but it gets worse when he’s sent out on assignment against a buffet of tempting evil abilities. I know that this will not end well, and I don’t even have prophetic dreams to help me. I guess now we know where Future Peter gets his smarts from—I think we can all agree that the world might have been a better place is Mrs Petrelli chose not to procreate. Even my favorite Petrelli, Nathan, planned to let New York blow up in the first season. Honestly, I don’t know who is worse in that family.

What about poor Greg Grunberg? Remember him—sent to the African desert by Future Peter? Well, Matt learns that his African guide has pretty much painted his entire life (stalker much?), but that now the future has changed (and we know why, PETER), and now the world is going to blow up. Blah blah blah blah. I guess we know the mission for the season—save the world … again. And it’s the same person’s fault … again. Peter, can’t you go one season without almost decimating the world?

On a lighter note, the Hiro and Ando storyline had some fun lines. “What are you doing?” “I’m being awesome.” … “popcorn?” Hee! As for Daphne/ Speed-racer, I just don’t care yet.

Oh, and the ice queen, aka Tracy Strauss, aka the awesome Ali Larter, finally decides to investigate this Niki person who looks EXACTLY like her. When she meets Micah it’s just heart-breaking. Poor little guy has really had a sucky life. Surprisingly, he’s still the most intelligent and mature character on the show. The rest of the characters could really learn a thing or two from him. Micah uses his powers to help Tracy find out that she and Niki were born in the same hospital on the same day. When she questions the doctor who delivered her, he tells her that he “created” her. Yay, cloning! Some people may think that clones are cheesy, but I say bring on the cheese.

Back on the Claire front, she thinks that her new inability to feel pain means that she shouldn’t go to school. Unsurprisingly, her mom doesn’t agree, but Claire teams up with her biological fire-starter mom to play hooky anyways. Fire-starter mom tries to teach Claire a lesson, but she’s 17 so she doesn’t care. Claire plays nice, but secretly steals some of her dad’s files and sneaks out to become a hero. I have a feeling this revenge path may lead her to become her future evil brunette alter ego—because as you know, brunette spells evil.

O.k., back to the heart of the episode. Sylar and HRG pose as detectives in order to get onto the scene where Peter/ Weevil, and the other 2 villains are holding up a bank. Hilarity ensues when Sylar takes on an accent and yells for coffee—decaf, of course. When he looked at Bennet and said, “You do drink decaf?” I about died. Another highlight was when Sylar said “You think you’re better than me,” and Bennet dead-pans, “I am better than you.” Hee. I did not think I would like these 2 together so much, but I really do.

HRG goes into the bank alone, and it turns out that he’s walking into a trap especially built for him. It seems that putting all those guys into Unit 5 to rot out the rest of their lives made him pretty unpopular. Peter/Weevil saves HRG from the fear guy, but then Future Peter waltzes in and freezes everything so that he can remove his past self from Weevil. I have to say that despite his rampant disregard for logic, and his potentially apocalyptic actions, Future Peter just cracks me up with his bad assness. I love how he just strolls in after stopping time with his smirky grin. I think he may be a big Elvis fan. However, after the 2 Peters leave, poor HRG is left alone with the real Weevil/ Jesse who apparently has been plotting his death for years. Sylar steps in just in time though—I bet HRG never thought he’d be happy to see that serial killer. Unfortunately, I was right about Sylar, and he uses this opportunity to take Weevil’s sound-wave power. The one Bennet said was too horrible to speak of? Yeah. That one. Thanks Mama Petrelli. Thanks Future Peter. He couldn’t have done it without you.

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