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Awesome Grey’s Casting News!

October 8, 2008

          I read on that Melissa George (Vaughn’s evil wife on Alias) is going to be joining Grey’s Anatomy for a few episodes.  Very exciting, however, she’s going to be playing a bisexual intern who perhaps could throw a wrench into Callica.  Honestly, Callie and Erica’s "relationship" has been badly written, and practically ignored in the premiere 2 weeks ago, so I reserve judgment.  Hopefully the show will use evil Mrs. Vaughn to her full potential, and not just as a plot device.
          Even more exciting, it seems that Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslyn on Battlestar Galactica) has also signed a deal to play a doctor for multiple episodes. I could not be more excited!  Mary McDonnell is one of the most talented actresses on t.v., and it will be exciting to see her in a different role.  Also, I’ve been in BSG withdrawl, so this will help hold me over until the rest of the final season is aired.  Hurrah!

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