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Heroes Chapter 4: “I am Become Death”

October 9, 2008

Heroes posterWarning: the following contains spoilers for Heroes S3 E4!

It pains me to say it, but overall I am really disappointed with the show this season. The Mohinder story-line is really pissing me off since it is so contrived, and feels so false to his character. I pretty much hate Mohinder and Maya now, and am super-annoyed with their pointless relationship. While I still adore Greg Grunberg, the Matt storyline is doing nothing for me, and I think it was a mistake to put him on a different continent from the rest of the action. When Claire killed Future Peter this week, I was glad to see him go. He has been so rash and idiotic, that I don’t really mind if Claire kills present day Peter too, just to prevent him from growing up into such a maniac. This is pretty big shift for me, as Peter used to be one of my favorite characters. Mama Petrelli has always had an evil side, but now she has become almost a caricature. Sylar in the future as a sweet dad who named his son Noah?!?!? Really, you want me to buy that? I don’t think so.
That said, there were some great moments in the episode too. I may be alone on this, but I love the reveal about Tracy being one of 3 identical triplets (Niki, Barbara, and Tracy). It seems that the three were given abilities (such as speed, strength, freezing) through research done for the Company. I don’t know where this leaves Jessica, as there was a grave stone for her I think, so she did exist. I know that there was a lot of Niki/ Jessica/ Ali Larter hate out there among other fans, but I have always loved her character. I thought she was underused last season. Tracy is great because she is actually sane, and doesn’t have the multiple-personalities, so hopefully she’ll get a little more respect. I loved loved loved her scenes with Nathan this week, when he saved her, and then in the future they were married and were President and First Lady. Very cool.

I still love Claire and HRG, but their story-lines aren’t really driving the action anymore. I miss bad-ass HRG. I thought Future Claire was interesting.  I loved her line: “I just killed my uncle, and I’m gonna have to do it again–give me a moment to be a human being.”  What Sylar did to her really seems to have affected her, however, we have yet to see how she gets to that place, so it doesn’t completely gel for me.  I hope that  we get to see a little more of her character development.

The last scene of the episode was also pretty cool.  When I saw David Anders’ name in the opening credits, I got really excited, but they made us wait until the very end before Hiro and Ando finally dug him up.  Classic ending for an episode: “Hiro, you son of a bi…”

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