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Smallville–Yeah, I’m still watching

October 11, 2008

SupermanDo spoilers even matter for Smallville? I’m gonna say no, and this is more of a general review anyways.

I have been watching this show since the very first episode.  That is pretty rare for me.  Usually I start watching a show after it has already begun–often shortly before its cancellation, or I catch it on dvd after its cancellation.  Smallville, however, is now 4 episodes into its 8th season.  8 seasons, people!  How did that happen?  Part of me feels that this show should really be off the air already.  I mean, a show like Veronica Mars (one of the best shows in the history of television) barely got 3 seasons, while this show, which is often pretty laughable plot-wise, keeps on going.  One of my biggest complaints is that Smallville constantly recycles its story-lines.  How many times has Clark lost his powers? How many times did Clark tell someone his secret and then that person lost his or her memory (or died)?  How many times have Chloe and Lana died? (Really, how are those gals still alive and kicking?) How many times were people possessed?   Anyone who watches this frakin’ show knows that these things have happened countless times.
So why do I still watch Smallville? Most of the people I know turned it off around the fourth season, but I’m still loyal to it. I still remember my excitement in watching the premiere of the first season with a group of friends.  It came on during my junior year of undergrad, and during my college years television was always a communal experience.  In my senior year, my room-mates and I would watch it together, and sing-along with the theme-song . Sigh. Memories. It’s still the best theme song on television to me.
I also have other reasons (besides nostalgia) to watch the show.  Prior to this season, Lex Luthor was my number one reason.  Michael Rosenbaum played the character so well, and watching Lex’s gradual descent into evil was an awesome ride.  The journey finally paid off last season, when Lex killed his inner-child and really became the evil Lex of the comics and movies.  Sadly, last season was also Michael Rosenbaum’s last, as he has moved on to different things.  However, I continue to find reasons to watch.  I love all the nods to Clark’s future super-hero destiny.  Tom Welling continues to rock the red and blue.  The show is filled to the brim with allusions to the comics and films, particularly with the introduction of the Daily Planet.  I love the recurring Justice-Leaguers and other comic-book heroes and villains that the show has increasingly included.  In particular, the addition of Justin Hartley as a regular this season has really gone a long way towards alleviating my disappointment that Lex is gone.  I mean Justin Hartley can do no wrong in my book–I was already in love with him from when he played Fox on Passions, and I continue to adore him.
Overall, despite a certain character/ actress whom I despise ( you make my blood curdle when you are on screen Lois/ Erica Durance), and the Story-Recycling that continues to permeate the show, I’m still loving Smallville.

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