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Alex says “Hello”: Grey’s Anatomy meets Gilmore Girls

October 13, 2008

Warning: Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy S5 E3!Mere and Christina

This week’s flood-themed episode of Grey’s began with Derek measuring Izzy’s room and unceremoniously informing her that she will be moving out.  What a pretentious ass!  Then we cut to Alex sleeping with the woman from last week—whatever.  Later we move to a hospital meeting in which the Chief is giving all the doctors a speech about how they will now be forced to practice “the lost art of humanity and compassion” (speaking directly to Christina), and informing them that “this is a surgical program, psychiatry is on the fifth floor” (speaking directly to Izzy).  That was the high point for the Chief, the rest of the episode proceeds to suck for him—and I couldn’t even muster any sympathy for the man.

George is finally retaking his intern exam, but then the ceiling began leaking … blah blah blah … the whole hospital is going to start flooding soon.  McDreamy continues to be a big tool and blackmails Christina into taking his side in the room-mate moving out debate.  Meredith argues, “but Izzy bakes, and Alex fixes things.” Those are the two best reasons to have room-mates ever, and for once Mere is using the solid logic (as opposed to the troll logic).

Hey look, it’s Nasedo from Roswell playing a pessimistic patient (more on him later).  Hee.  Another patient is suffering from constant pain, which he rates at an 8.  Christina of course assumes that the guy is just a whiner and says that his 8 is her 3.  I think this proves the chief ‘s point  that there is a dearth of “humanity and compassion” at Seattle Grace.  Meredith snarks “You can’t even talk to my boyfriend.” Hee. I think that says more about McDreamy than Christina’s pain threshhold.  On a saner front, Lexi, instead of being insensitive or snarky, takes it upon herself to come up with a way to actually cure the patient’s ailment–you know, what doctors are supposed to do.

Wow, I have a lot of notes for this episode … let’s see … the flood continues and it’s the most clichéd thing ever.  Chief is out of control with his denial.  Blah blah blah … Alex is being a total jerk.  McSteamy is awesome, again.  I am just loving him this season, and he and Lexi have great chemistry.  Love Lexipedia.   “Despite your unfortunate taste in men, it seems you’re not entirely useless.” Hee.  My thoughts exactly.

There’s a shot of Alex gazing longingly at Izzy, followed by my favorite part of the episode.  Alex tries to convince Pessimistic Nasedo  that he has something to live for before going into surgery, but he will not have it.  Eventually, Nasedo spills that there’s a girl who he has been admiring, but he doesn’t know how to approach her.  Alex, taking a page out of Lorelei Gilmore’s playbook, coaches him to say, “Hello.”  Oh Alex,don’t you think that’s a bit forward? Look where that line got Emily Gilmore.  Wait for it–more on this seductive little line later.

Christina goes to Mere’s Field of Dreams psychiatrist in order to try to get her to take Mere back as a patient.  Christina, like the audience, is convinced that  dark and twisty Meredith has not been cured of all of her dark and twisty issues.  However, poor Christina doesn’t bargain for the psychiatrist’s pro bono commentary that “it must be incredibly painful” for her that Mere’s moving in with Derek.  Christina calls her a terrible shrink, but that doesn’t make it true.

A tear-inducing scene between Alex and Nasedo ensues, and it turns out that the flood actually had a positive result in that the doctors were able to locate and remove cancer from his abdomen.  Sniffle.  This is followed by more Lexie and McSteamy goodness in which he asks her to recite the periodic table.  Love it.  Izzy finds out that Christina stole her apartment (b.t.w., I love Izzy’s short hair).  Poor Izzy, who has had a pretty tragic episode, then realizes that she doesn’t “have anyone.”  Meredith denies that this is true, and they have a nice moment.  This touching scene is followed by Alex taking his own advice and saying, “Hello” to Izzy.  Better watch it Alex, or you’ll soon be crying in your foyer after a date.  Later Meredith gets back together with her psychiatrist, so she decides to tell Derek that she will not kick her room-mates out of her house.  Finally.

The chief decides to reward George for working his ass off all day by offering to proctor his exam for him … right then.  Thanks a lot Chief–so big of you.  I’m sure that taking a three hour exam in the middle of the night, after dealing with a flood all day, is the ideal learning experience.  “Oy with the poodles already!”

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