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Heroes Season 2, Chapter 5: “Angels and Monsters”

October 14, 2008

Warning: Spoilers for Heroes episode aired 10/12!

Chapter 5 begins with Nathan and Tracy in bed together.  There’s a Nathan voiceover spewing God nonsense: “Blah blah blah … am I an angel or a monster? A hero or a villain?” Tracy sees him talking to himself, but Nathan has the good sense to not say that he’s talking to a dead guy who tried to blow up New York.

We switch to Peter, whose sanity has not really improved after gaining Sylar’s (excuse me, Gabriel as he likes to be known in the future).  Peter breaks present day  Sylar’s neck, but who cares since now he has Claire’s power.  I predict that a lot of people are going to try to kill Sylar, but even before he became immortal he was hard to kill, so good luck.  Peter confronts his mom and even starts doing the cutting open of the head thing,, but Sylar saves Mama Petrelli (Sylar saving people is also going to be a theme).  HRG looks on, and from his crafty expression it looks like he has something up his sleeve.

Cut to the Bennet house where Claire’s mom is worried that her daughter is gone. She has some of HRG’s files and is worried about some villain who can make vortexes.  Fire-starter mom, however, is worried about a different “horrible man” named Eric Doyle, whose power “you don’t even wanna know.”  I don’t know about Mrs. Bennet, but I sure wanna know.  Fire mommy goes to get Claire, but that’s not gonna go so well (more on that creep-fest later).

Claire meanwhile has found the Vortex guy, and she tracks him down to his house and knocks him out with some kind of electric charge.  Was that a taser? (An homage to Veronica Mars perhaps?)

We flash to Hiro, Ando, and Sark where they left off at the end of last episode, and some comedy ensues.  Then, shocker of shockers, Daphne sees Linderman—WTF!  What exactly is Linderman? Is he alive?  Unfortunately they make us wait until the end of the episode to figure it out.

Then there’s more Sylar and HRG interaction on their way to catch Vortex guy.  Sylar whines that HRG is being too hard on him, and that “rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight, I’m trying.”  Yeah, that will sure convince HRG.  Claire is still with Vortex guy, and by now Claire is the one captured.  Vortex guy thinks that she’s with the Company, or Pinehurst (what?), and we learn that the supposed murder by Vortex guy was an accident.  Turns out that the villain is really an angel, not a monster, and Claire starts to feel sorry for him.  He lets her go without hurting her, but asks her to give her a head start before calling the Company … but we all know how this will turn out since HRG is always a few steps ahead.  He’s probably in the driveway as they’re speaking.

Then we cut to the gross factor.  Suresh has turned into a monster and has 2 guys trapped in nasty webby things in his apartment—like he’s the spider from LoTR and is planning to eat them.  Maya comes into the blood streaked apartment, and it takes her a few minutes before she figures out that her new boyfriend is a killer.  The girl is slow, but she eventually catches on.  However, it’s a good thing that no one is attached to Maya’s character, as she will soon be Suresh’s next victim.

Nathan and Tracy have an awesome conversation about her attempted suicide, and she admits that she killed the reporter.  Nathan tries to convince her that it was an accident and that she should not go to the police.  Then he proceeds to give her his “I saw God and was reborn” speech.  Nathan thinks that God gave him his powers, but Tracy explains to the poor deluded man that it was really a doctor in Raceda.

HRG and Sylar enter Vortex guy’s house, but before he can be re-captured Vortex guy opens a vortex and leaves the rest to possibly be sucked in.  Sylar saves Claire, but then Claire makes some solid arguments as to why this whole situation is CRAZY.  Sylar cut open her head for god’s sake.  HRG gets protective over Claire, and then makes his usual claims to his daughter that he’ll do what’s right and that everything he does is for her, etc.  I don’t know about you guys but I’m not buying what he’s selling.

Sark waltzes into a bar with Hiro and Ando (and looks damn good while doing it), and mentions his hankering for an appletini.  Hee!  Of course he likes appletinis. It seems that this particular bar is a hub for hiring specials. Sark reveals himself to be a womanizing scoundrel—like we didn’t already assume with that accent.  Ando refers to Sark as Adam Munroe and I wonder why is he calling him that silly name.  Is this not Alias? I’m confused.

Nathan and Tracy go to Mama Petrelli, and Tracy demands that the matriarch tell her about Dr. Zimmerman. Nathan wonders what his mom is hiding, and Mama Petrelli admits that the Company gave abilities to a number of infants, including Tracy and her sisters …. and Nathan.  Ruh row! Nathan looks like a bomb dropped—although not really since I’m not so sure he cares when bombs drop—so let’s just say that he looks pretty upset.

Cut to Maya at Suresh’s.  She tries to rescue the guys in nasty cocoons, but then her power is activated, so she starts with the black death tears.  Suresh makes her feel guilty about it though, so she stops crying.  Too bad that didn’t work before in front of the actual innocent people.  Maya cries, “What have you done? You’re … a monster.”  Uh, yeah Maya, we could have told you that 2 episodes ago. Keep up honey.  Suresh then proceeds to attack her. Is she dead? Will she end up in a cocoon? Does anyone care? Exactly.

Back to the Company, where Mama Petrelli admits: “Tracy, what this company did to you was wrong. We know that now.  That’s why we divided the formula and hid it.” Mama Petrelli asks for Tracy and Nathan’s help, but Nathan tells her to “Go to hell.”  Can’t say I didn’t see that coming.  Isn’t Mama Petrelli supposed to dream the future? Nathan then proceeds to gets the idiot of the week award by proposing to go to Suresh, explaining to a cautious Tracy that “he’s harmless.”  I guess if by “harmless” you mean psychopathic bug-monster.

Then, HRG tries to make an awesome deal with Vortex guy to get rid of Sylar.  Vortex guy, by the way, kind of looks like a skinny version of the Rock.  Poor Vortex Rock sacrifices himself, rather than become a monster.  HRG is pissed, Claire is traumatized, and Sylar’s feelings are hurt.

Ando says that Adam Munroe name again.  I wonder what that’s about.  Ando then proceeds to say what we’re all thinking, and perhaps the truest words of the episode: “The world is screwed.”  Daphne then enters the bar with the Fear guy and attempts to recruit Hiro on Linderman’s orders.  Fear guy urges Hiro to kill Ando to prove his dedication, and then the “jump the shark” moment happens.  Hiro stabs Ando, saying that he has to make sacrifices for the greater good. WTF! Well I guess we know why Future Hiro gets killed by Ando.  I have to say I’m with Ando on this one.  Way to go writers—you destroyed another beloved character.  Never mind the fact that this makes no sense.  I had been falling back in love with the show, up until this point.  Now me and the show are just friends.

Sylar reads Claire’s mind and tells Claire that HRG cannot see their (the specials’) humanity, and he never will. Ouch.  HRG lies again that it’s all going to be o.k., and Claire acts like she believes him, but I don’t think she really does.  Claire then goes home to her mom, but poor Meredith is not back yet.  Cut to Flame Mommy sitting at a dinner table with a creepy guy eating pasta.  Looks like his power is that people have to do what he asks (?).  The scene is really disturbing.

Mama Petrelli meanwhile is in her office when she hears a scream.  She sees Tracy with a bloody neck, Nathan with his head cut open, and Peter with bloody hands.   It seems that Peter went Sylar on his brother and future sister-in-law, but then he falls forward and there is a pipe in his head.  An older man approaches and Angela is terrified. Who is that guy? Is he wearing Nathan’s ring? It is then revealed that this was all a dream, but since it was Mama Petrelli’s dream this does not bode well.

Cut to Linderman telling Daphne that her next target for recruitment is Matt Parkman.  Daphne swipes her folder through Linderman—he’s like a ghost? Then Matt’s Dad peers out from a shady corner, and it is revealed that he is the one making Linderman appear.  Wasn’t he trapped inside his own head? How did he get out?  Turns out that the boogey man is not working alone, however, and we see him communicating telepathically with a guy on a respirator … a guy wearing the ring from Mama Petrelli’s vision. Evil Mr. Parkman says,  “Whatever you say goes Mr. Petrelli.”  Uh oh, another evil Petrelli.  Is there enough room in one world for so many?  As Giles would say, the Earth is definitely doomed.

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