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Heroes Chapter 6: Dying of the Light

October 28, 2008

Warning: Discussion of Heroes S2, E6, aired 10/20/08!!!

Sorry I’m so late with this, but I’ve been pretty busy.  Anyways, the episode began with a Mohinder voice over, and I wondered “why?”  I mean he’s no longer the detached observer, and will he just die already?!?  Then I was relieved to find out that Hiro did NOT kill Ando, as I had thought.  Those of you who thought that Hiro would never do such a thing were right, and I was wrong.  However, the fact that I thought it was possible for Hiro to do something so out of character shows how much this show has lost my trust.  And speaking of losing trust in the writers, they killed off one of my favorite (but woefully under-used) characters: Adam (David Anders).  I feel that they could have done so much more with him.  His death was pretty interesting though, since Papa Petrelli was the one who killed him.  At first, I thought that perhaps Papa Petrelli’s power was to take the life force from someone, kind of like Rogue.  However, when he steals Peter’s powers at the end, we see that Mr. P only took Adam’s power away, and the reason Adam turned to dust was because without his power he was too ancient to be alive. Pretty cool.
One of the biggest storylines of the episode was rescuing Meredith from the Puppet Master.  Man that guy is creepy.  Claire and her mom go to rescue Meredith and wind up getting captured by the Puppet Master.  When he forced them to play Russian roullette, it got pretty intense–I know I was holding my breath.   It was a totally awesome moment when Claire’s mom (Mrs. HRG) shot Claire, and then Claire just came back to life and took the Puppet Master down.  Everyone was proud of her, including HRG, but Claire is still pissed at him.  Hopefully she won’t go back to being victimized.
Daphne definitely grew on me during this episode.  It was adorable when she met Matt and he told her that they were soul-mates.  “This is getting kinda stalky,” she replied.  Love it.  Plus, Daphne proved how useful super-speed can be when she high-tailed it out of Suresh’s lair.
Ugh, I guess I should talk about Suresh now, since his story intersected with my favorite power couple.  Tracy and Nathan went to Suresh’s for help, but instead the stupid bug-man injected them with something and they were knocked out.  However, since Suresh is a complete idiot, Trazy was able to freeze him and almost escape–unfortunately he defrosted quickly.  Whatever, bottom line Tracy and Nathan will be o.k.–I saw this week’s episode : )
Sylar and Peter have a confrontation at level 5, and have a hilarious fight over who’s the most special. Hee.  Peter knocks Sylar out, and for some reason I can’t recall rushes off to Pinehearst and sees … cue the drumroll … his father.  Peter of course is shocked, but Papa Petrelli is all like, “It’s a long story … give me a hug, son,” and then proceeds to steal Peter’s powers.  Uh oh, that’s a lot of powers to steal.  On the bright side, Peter can do less damage now.  When he eventually get his powers back, let’s hope he does not get his time-travel power back.
Stay tuned for my review of Chapter 7, coming soon.

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