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Heroes Chapter 7: Eris Quod Sum

October 28, 2008

Warning: Spoilers for Heroes S2 E7, aired 10/ 27/08!!!

  • Hurrah!  A Latin title: “You will be what I am.”  This was sometimes inscribed on Roman tombs or grave-stones–nice little message about the circle of life.  Also, hurrah–Elle’s back! Oh, Kristen Bell how we’ve missed you!
  • Claire and her 2 moms enter the Bennet house, alarmed at its disarray.  Poor Lyle is knocked out, and when Claire looks around she sees that Elle is there and her powers are doing the wacky (tm Joss Whedon).  At first Claire is pissed, but then she takes pity on poor Elle who is having a very bad da–er, life.   Elle wishes she had the Cheerleader’s problems–not feeling any pain looks pretty good to her–and I have to agree.  The girls decide that they should go to Pinehearst, because they both have convenient business cards with the company’s info. Contrived much?  Claire thinks that maybe there’s something wrong with all of them (the specials), and wants a cure.  X-Men anyone?  It seems that the writers have been watching X-3, or reading the Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men comic.
  • The girls take a plane to get to wherever Pinehearst is (sorry, I forgot to care about that detail), but unfortunately Elle’s wonky powers almost bring down the plane.  Luckily, Claire is immortal so she absorbs Elle’s excess electricity.  How about Elle just doesn’t touch the metal with her bare skin?  Whatever.  Anyways, they get to Pinehearst in one piece, and do a little bonding outside. Elle is happy to know that Claire is as messed up as she is.  I wouldn’t be so sure about that honey.
  • Meanwhile, HRG rescues Nathan and Tracy, and gives one of the best lines of the episode.  In response to the question of what Suresh has been up to, he snarks: “Building a nest, laying eggs, … who the hell knows!?!?”  Hee.  Anyways, eventually Peter and Claire catch up to Nathan and Tracy and Peter fills his big-brother in on the fact that their dad is back from the dead.  Nathan looks very sceptical, and it’s clear that he’s going to have to see for himself.  Tracy offers to help him get into Pinehearst.  Nathan has always seemed like a daddy’s boy to me, so I’m worried about how he will react to his father’s new super-villain past-time.  We’ll just have to wait and see, but I have a hunch that this will end badly.  There are multiple Petrellis involved, so odds are on the side of crazy.
  • At that moment, Peter is thrown out of a window above and lands at their feet.  Claire rushes to help her cousin, while Elle apologizes and runs inside.  I can’t say that I blame her.Why did Peter drop out of a window?  Well, first Mama Petrelli appeared to Sylar in a dream and told him to get out his cell and save his brother.  “Make mommy proud,” she urges.  Sylar does as he is told and goes to Pinehearst.  It works out well for about a minute, but then Papa Petrelli messes with his long-lost son’s mind by turning him against his mom.  He tells a creepy story about Angela trying to kill baby Sylar because of the disturbing vision she had of him in the future.  Most of me feels terrible for baby Sylar, but a small part of me can understand where Angela’s coming from.  I mean, think back to Season 1 Sylar–would you want him growing up? Anyways, it’s all very Greek tragedy.  Peter tries to urge Sylar not to trust their evil father, and says, “Just kick his ass and let’s get out of here.”  This is definitely the smartest thing that Peter has said all season, but I guess Sylar didn’t get the memo that Peter is back to being reasonable again.  I like you again Peter, but just make sure that you won’t grow up to be that idiot Future Peter.   Sylar buys into Papa Petrelli’s web of lies, and throws Peter out the window.   However, since Peter doesn’t die, and Sylar is really good at killing people, it’s pretty clear that Sylar used his telekenetic power to drop his brother somewhat gently, and only was appearing to kill him.  Awww, Sylar is a big softy.
  • Daphne and Matt continue to be adorable together.  Petrelli wants Matt dead, and orders Maury to do it.  Maury (the Boogie Man, perhaps one of the creepiest villains of the show) balks at killing his own son, and makes a shocking move by getting killed for trying to protect his son.  Papa Patrelli then orders Daphne to do it, and after witnessing Maury’s execution she has no other choice than to at least appear to acquiesce.  Knox goes along, and Matt uses his awesome mind power to make Knox think that he killed Matt and Daphne, while they are really safe in the other room.  How cool is that?!  However, my elation is later dented when we see Daphne on the phone with Petrelli who she still is working for.  How can she betray Matt for long though? He’s so sweet and adorable.
  • There’s some other stuff with Suresh and Maya (Gollum and useless), and Hiro and Ando (Dumber and Dumb), but it’s stupid, so I’m not going to bother recapping it.
  • No new Heroes next week.  Sad, but at least it will give me a chance to catch up with my other shows.

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