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Gossip Girl: “Prêt-à-Poor J”

November 2, 2008

Spoilers for Gossip Girl episode aired on 10/27/08!

It was another fabulous episode … except for the Jenny parts.  Good stuff first.  Serena and Dan are trying to be friends, which is really refreshing.  It’s nice to see a little maturity once in awhile … not too much though ; ) To meet said goal, Dan agrees to help Blair, because that will make Serena happy.  S and B are all BFF again after making up last week, so Serena is back to obsessing over Blair’s happiness.  Oh Serena, we all know Blair is incapable of being happy ever, but it’s nice of you to try.  Anyways, Serena figures that if Blair can admit her love to Chuck then they can live happily ever after.  Has she ever met those two? There are some cute scenes where Dan gives Blair advice from a guy’s perspective, and it goes well for a while.  That is, until stupid Vanessa sticks her nose into Dan’s business, all self-righteous and victimized about the incident last week in which Chuck was actually nice to her and acted like a human being.  I mean nothing even happened, and the whole thing was merely a catalyst for more Blair and Chuck drama, so shut up Vanessa!  Well, stupid Dan gets all riled up that his precious Vanessa was used in a game between Blair and Chuck, so in retaliation he cautions Blair against giving her heart to Chuck.  That’s all Blair needs to go on the defensive, and a tear-jerking scene between Chuck and Blair on the roof ensues, which involved more amazing Blair tears.  Man, that girl knows how to tear at my heart-strings.  Too bad J.J. Abrams isn’t writing this episode, so a bus could hit Vanessa and Dan’s smug faces.  Instead, Serena finds out about Dan’s sneaky deed, and gives him a piece of her mind.  Dan is weak, so of course his former indignation immediately turns to guilt, and he chases after Chuck to plead with him about Blair’s true feelings. 
Chuck goes to find Blair, and their heart-wrenching scene was beautifully written and acted.  They decide that they’re both too in love with the game, and too afraid that without it they won’t last.  The problem is not that they don’t both love each other, the problem is what happens after.  Chuck muses that perhaps in the future …?  Blair, with a tear streaming down her face, replies, “I suppose there could be some excruciating pleasure in that.”  OMFG!  Their relationship should be ridiculous, but instead their star-crossed love story makes me sob.
Amidst her travails to match Blair with Chuck, Serena meets Aaron Rose at an art gallery.  He was a big character in the books, but I don’t want to spoil you guys so I won’t elaborate.  He’s just the kind of dorky guy that appeals to Serena, so naturally she is immediately attracted to him.  I like him so far, but we’ll have to wait and see.
O.k., now for Lil’ J.  Between last episode and this one, J gave herself a horrible makeover–platinum blond hair, bangs, heroin-chic eye makeup, and plaid.  She clearly got lost in the 90s.  I should know, I was her age during the fashion era she’s wearing.  Jenny makes friends with Caitlin Cooper, who plays exactly the same role here as in The O.C. Caitlin encourages J in her bitterness towards Eleanor Waldorf, and eventually J quits her job to start her own clothing line.  Good luck with that.  Since Caitlin Cooper is “a bad influence,” Nate is worried about Lil’ J and follows her to some guy’s apartment where she is dancing in her bra and tights.  So scandalous! (snore)  The evening ends with the two kissing–called it!  Poor Dan.  He just lost his boyfriend to his sister.  Ouch.

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