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Dollhouse Premiere Date!

November 6, 2008

We finally have a premiere date for the much-anticipated Dollhouse!  According to Fox Broadcasting’s twitter, the new Joss Whedon project will premiere Friday, Feb. 13th, 2009.  Friday the 13th? Really? As if the Firefly  fans weren’t already terrified. Aside from the usual superstition regarding the Friday the 13th, Whedon fans are also aghast because Feb. 13 was  the date when Angel was canceled in 2004.  And then of course there’s the sheer fact Fox is premiering it on a Friday, of all days.  Why would the network premiere this buzz-worthy show on a Friday night!?!???  This show already has anti-cancellation campaigns, and Fox want to cripple it right out of the gate!?!?  I am more than a little bit pissed about this.  Fox, you suck.  Here’s hoping for a scheduling change. 

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