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“Brave New World”

November 7, 2008

Mere and ChristinaSpoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 episode, aired 10/15/08!

I’m behind in my Grey’s posts, so I’m gonna try to catch up this morning.  This was one of my favorite episodes of Grey’s so far–mostly for the dermatology parts! Here are the highlights (and lowlights):

  • Yang is sent to Clinic, where she will be (in her words) “putting band-aids on stupid whiners who don’t have the balls to get real injuries.” Hee. I love mean Christina!
  • The wife of Izzy’s tumor patient is Felicity’s therapist (she also had a role on Alias, but I can’t remember who she played).
  • George’s patient is a little boy who looks like a girl.  Although, maybe I’m just saying that because he totally has my old hair cut.  George pokes himself with a scary needle to prove to the kid that it will be o.k. Very sweet. George is so going to be a pediatrician.  George also feels kinship to the kid b/c he was an airplane guy too. George tries to convince everyone that they should bring the child into a surgery to watch.  Because airplane guys like to see how things work.  Amazingly they say yes. Shouldn’t the parents be making up pretty little lies to get the kid o.k. with being cut open–not showing him strangers being cut open?!?  Since it’s George, he takes the kid to the wrong (and scarier) O.R, but bribes him to keep his mouth shut about it.
  • Callie tries to get advice from Bailey about dating Hahn, which is hilarious.
  • After Izzy finds out that Karev stole her patient, McSteamy explains why: “Karev’s a cowboy, and you’re not.”  The way he delivers that line makes it awesome.  I adore McSteamy this season.  Izzy then tries to convince McDreamy that he’s the sheriff in this wild west metaphor, and that he needs to make Alex give her back her patient.  McDreamy doesn’t give a crap, so Izzy tells Alex: “Give me back my surgery or I’ll shoot your ass off.”  Love it.  In continuing the metaphor, Izzy is jealous that the women in dermatology don’t have to stake their claim. George tries to convince Izzy to be the whore in the saloon who uses her wiles to get what she wants. Izzy takes his advice and manipulates the tumor guy to kick Karev of his case, and replace him with Izzy.  While I’m not sure I like the message this episode is sending here (girls, you don’t have to be manipulative whores to get what you want in life), it is frakin’ hilarious.  Karev confronts Izzy, but she finally fights back.  “Using me as a door mat is one thing, but attacking my career is another.  Get your own surgeries and wipe your own snot.”  Good job Izzy!  Of course, I’m sure you will lose all the cool points you earned this episode by doing something whiny and crazy next week.  Later Izzy gets all sentimental, and is gazing at Alex, but McSteamy warns her that “Cowboys don’t have friends.”
  • Best part ever: Christina discovers the sweet lives of the dermatology residents. She then pages Mere to show her this crazy alternate universe where people get too much sleep and drink flavored water.  “No, there is not mocking here, only warmth and light.”  “Resident got too much sleep last night, so he’s dragging. It’s like watching a living freak show.”  Hee.  Slowly the other residents join Christina and Mere in watching the freak show.  Christina philosophizes: “They’re empty inside … they just love lotion … how do you think they got that way?”  The group concludes that, “We are not happy glowy people.”  No kidding.  There’s nothing in Grey’s that I have loved more than this!
  • Hahn smiles a lot in this episode, which is kind of creepy.
  • Mere is freaked out about finding her crazy dead mother’s diaries.  Like a true friend, Christina offers to screen Ellis’ diary: “Want me to screen it for you? I’ll magic marker out all the scary parts.”  Aaawww.
  • McDreamy admits to McSteamy that he is keeping his trailer because it’s highly likely that Mere will kick him out in a week.  While I think that may still be a strong possibility (and honestly I’m kind of rooting for it since I hate Derek lately), the trailer comes in handy at the end of the episode.  Mere and Christina escape there to read Ellis Grey’s diaries together.
  • George passed his intern exam, and the chief smiles. Lexipedia opens the envelope for him, and it is sad when he leaves her hanging to go tell Mere and Izzy.
  • Hurrah, Joe the bartender is back! I love him.
  • Callie and Hahn finally have a date. Callie admits that she’s not sure that she’s ready to go there, and Hahn agrees.  They decide to take it slow, and they have a sweet moment.  Erica offers Callie her wine, and in return Callie offers her second base.
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