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“Life During War Time”

November 7, 2008

Mere and Christina

Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy episode aired 10/30/08!

O.k., here are my thoughts on last week’s Grey’s:

  • Loved all the stuff with “Anatomy Jane.”  That doll explains a lot about Mere’s childhood.
  • Loved Hahn’s speech after her night with Callie: “I can finally see leaves … You are glasses … I am so gay.”  Unfortunately, it was made all the more heart-wrenching by Callie’s reaction.  I tell you, if this storyline had aired before the whole marriage to George, no one would have sympathized with Callie, despite the disgust we all felt towards Gizzie.  What the hell are the writers trying to do here?
  • Callie proceeds to sleep with McSteamy, again.  WTF?!? Does she think it’s somehow not cheating since the two people she is sleeping with are different sexes.  How did this idiot become a doctor?!?  Eventually, however, Callie figures out that what she’s doing is messed up, so she breaks off the bootie calls with McSteamy.  Happily they remain friends.  l do love their friendship, despite my other complaints.
  • Major McHottie is the new head of Trauma.  Unfortunately, he’s pretty hateable throughout the episode, but he kind of redeems himself at a couple points near the end.  When McSteamy and McDreamy confront him about his barbaric methods, they are amazed to find out that Major McHottie is actually willing to learn.  He is unlike any doctor they have ever known.  This reveals a lot about the egoes in the surgery field.  When Christina confronts himabout forgetting her name, Major McHottie responds with a confusing speech about before and after.  It seems that something very traumatic happened in Iraq which has changed him, so he can no longer look at Christina the way he did before.  I don’t mean to be callous or shallow, but let’s hope he gets over it.  The whole reason I was excited for his return was his chemistry with Christina!
  • There’s a bunch of stuff involving surgery on pigs.  It’s gross, and Izzy thinks it’s immoral.  Christina, of course, rocks at it.  In the end they have to kill the pigs.  I’m sick of talking about the pigs.
  • Loved all the stuff between Alex and Izzie.  The best was when Alex decides to follow Major McHottie’s example, and tells Izzie that he’s willing to learn how to talk about the emotional stuff.  The two decide to go steady.   Wow, who knew that this learning stuff would catch on?!?
  • Mollie from Heroes was guest-starring as a patient with an inoperable tumor.  Bailey, Hahn and Chief are on the case, and in the end they save her …. despite Hahn’s debbie downer attitude.  After her rejection by Callie, it’s hard to fault Hahn for being super-bitchy, but it’s too bad she can’t aim her anger in the right direction.
  • The Chief finally admits his guilt to Mere, and it is a pretty depressing scene.
  • George and Lexipedia make up. Whatever.
  • Mere discovers a whole box of her mom’s diaries.  As if she wasn’t already scarred for life, now she gets more material.
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