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“There’s No I in Team”

November 7, 2008

Mere and ChristinaSpoilers for Grey’s Anatomy episode aired 10/23/08!

O.K., I’m continuing my Grey’s posting catch-up.  First of all, I almost turned off the t.v. when Mere used the dreaded M word (M*****ck).  I never want to hear that word again.  But I hung in there, and I’m mostly glad I did. I thought that the case was really cool this episode–a domino surgery to supply multiple people with kidneys.  Pretty awesome.

  • Callie and Hahn finally “go there.”  While Hahn seems happy about it, Callie goes mental.  She decides to go to McSteamy to learn how to please her girlfriend.  Aside from the blatant cheating aspect (hypocritical much, Callie?), it seems absolutely ridiculous for a woman to feel the need to go to a man to learn how to please her girlfriend.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  Who writes this bullshit? I am not loving this whole storyline.  This may possibly be the worst relationship ever written for television.
  • McDreamy gets his face on the cover of a medical journal for his work with Meredith on the clinical trial.  It is being called “The Shepherd Method.”  That does not go over well with Mere, since she was the one who actually started the clinical trial.  It seems that she finally discovers what an ass-hat her boyfriend is.  However, this discovery is short-lived, because she forgives him in the end.  Whatever–I still hate him.
  • Heylook! It’s Dixon/ Bulldog as one of the transplant patients.  Cool.
  • Love Izzy’s fabulous short hair-do this season.  Very cute.
  • Loved the divying up of the interns.  Now that George passed his exams, he gets interns, so the other residents try to get rid of their weakest links. Classic.  Unfortunately, George doesn’t make any attempt to ask for Lexipedia, so she gets pissed.
  • Meredith drops a kidney, but according to Bailey the five second rule applies.  Wow! My heart totally jumped into my throat during that scene! The chief is pissed, but finally he tells Mere to forgive herself.  I don’t know what is going on with the chief lately. Major schizo.
  • Izzy tells Alex to pick a side: decent guy or selfish ass.  Personally, I like him both ways.  Izzy and Alex kiss! I love them together.
  • Hurrah! Lucius Vorenus is back!
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