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A Glimmer of Hope for Veronica Mars Fans …

December 3, 2008

Awhile back, fans of one of the best canceled shows in history were told that Rob Thomas was contemplating making aKristen Bell head shot Veronica Mars movie.  Looks like it’s still a possibility, we’ll just have to be patient.  Check out the latest scoop from the Ausiello Files:

“Question: Any news about the Veronica Mars movie? — Hailey
Yes, and it’s less than ideal (but totally understandable). Basically, between Cupid 2.0 and Party Down, Rob Thomas has been a very, very, very busy man. “I haven’t gotten far on my VM movie outline,” he tells me. “I thought I had the idea broken, but I’ve hit a wall in the final act that I haven’t quite figured out. And with Cupid and Party Down occupying 80 hours a week, and a new baby boy occupying the remaining hours, I haven’t nailed it down. I’m hopeful that I can find the time to figure it out over the Christmas holidays.” Take your time, Rob! We’re not going anywhere!”

We also got some bad news–looks like Kristen Bell’s Elle is really history.  Sad.

“Question: I can’t believe Sylar killed Elle. Why would Heroes get rid of Kirsten Bell? — Sarah
Kristen’s return was never meant to be long term, so she was leaving one way or the other. But as I hinted in last week’s AA, I wasn’t expecting her exit to be so permanent. And it is permanent. Unlike 90 percent of the deaths on Heroes, this one will stick. Ironic, no? “

Does this mean Elle won’t have Sylar’s baby? Darn.  Final word: more Kristen Bell! On t.v., on movies, whatever, just don’t let her amazing talent go to waste!

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