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My Favorite Christmas Episodes …

December 14, 2008

Gllmore.Girls.sweatersHere is a list of the best Christmas themed episodes of my favorite t.v. shows.  Break out your d.v.d.s, or use the links provided to enjoy some Christmas-y entertainment.

1. “Santa’s Secret StuffGilmore Girls 7.11 (originally aired 1/23/07) This is the episode in which Rory spent Christmas in London, so Lorelei saves Christmas for her.  When Rory returns, she and Lorelei don Christmas sweaters and attempt to celebrate the holiday a month late.  (Honorable mention: All the snow episodes–every season, Lorelei continues her love affair with snow.  I was too lazy to figure out the exact episode titles)
2.  “Lexmas” Smallville 5.9 (originally aired 12/08/05) This is one of my favorite Smallville episodes.  In the episode, Lex is shot, and while he hovers between life and death, he is visited by the ghost of his mother.  In a sort of inversion of “A Christmas Carol,” Lex is shown what his life could be if he chooses to forfeit the senate race.  He sees a vision of happily ever after with Lana, in which Chloe and Clark are married, and they are all best friends.  The Kents love Lex like a son, and he wins an award for his good deeds.  Lana’s pregnancy goes sideways however, and she dies in childbirth.  Thus, Lex ultimately chooses power and money, in order to ensure that he will have the means to save Lana’s life.  A great Christmas story!
3. “The Best Chrismukkah Ever” The O.C. 1.13 (originally aired 12/03/03) This is the first of the Chrismukkah episode, and the beginning of a beautiful tradition.  Hanukkah and Christmas were never so good.  The Chrismukkah episodes are definitelely among my favorites of The O.C.
4. “The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t” The O.C. 2.6 (originally aired 12/16/04) Another great Chrismukkah episode! This one was drama filled, with the reveal that Caleb is the red-head’s dad! Crazy!
5. “Chrismukkah Bar Mitzva-kkah” The O.C. 3.10 (originally aired 12/15/05) Yet another in the great Chrismukkah tradition.  Despite the awfullness of the Johnny-Marissa story-line, it’s still the holiday we love.
6. “Chrismukk-huh?” The O.C. 4.7 (originally aired 12/14/06) This is the last of the Chrismukkah episodes, and is definitely one of my favorites.  Ryan and Taylor fall off the roof and are both in coma.  Somehow they have the same dream, in which they must learn something in order to come back to reality.  It’s very sweet.  Goodbye, my favorite made-up holiday!
7. “An Echolls Family Christmas” Veronica Mars 1.10 (originally aired 12/14/04) Not only is this one of the best Christmas episodes and one of the best episode of Veronica Mars, it is also one of the best episodes of television ever.  It features the infamous poker game, and Duncan and Logan’s matching holidayboxers.  Veronica is awesome, and does some great detective work.  Weevil is awesome.  The old Ethan from Passions guest stars. Mr. Echolls is stabbed.  It doesn’t get better than that.  Watch it again and again.
8. “One Angry Veronica” Veronica Mars 2.10 (originally aired 12/07/05) “12 Angry Men” gets a makeover in this fun episode.  Veronica is saddled with jury duty, and is able to stop a miscarriage of justice.  At the end of the episode, she gets the ultimate Christmas present–Wallace returns!
9. “A Roswell Christmas Carol” Roswell 2.10 (12/18/00) Isabelle is revealed to be the Christmas Nazi, which is hi-larious.  She helps Michael get Maria the perfect Christmas gift.  Liz inspires Max to heal the entire Children’s ward of the hospital. It’s magical.
10. “Samuel Rising” Roswell 3.9 (12/18/01) The Christmas Nazi continues her reign of terror. Max’s god complex is directed towards an autistic child and his parents.
11. “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer” Grey’s Anatomy 2.12 (originally aired 12/10/05) The second season was the top for Grey’s, and this is no exception.  Katherine Heigel reprises her role as the Christmas Nazi, though this time she is more the Christmas Spirit of Joy personified.  She’s annoying, but funny.
12. “How Lilly Stole Christmas” How I Met Your Mother 2.11 (originally aired 12/11/06)  Lilly finds out that Ted called her a “grinch,” and he refuses to apologize.  Lilly steals Christmas, but then she brings him a beer, and all is forgiven.  Classic.

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