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“Our Father” and “Dual”

December 22, 2008

Warning: Do not read unless you are caught up on Heroes!(That is, do not read unless you have seen the latest episode, which aired 12/15/08)

          The last two Heroes episodes have put me back on the Heroes bandwagon.  I am also back on the Peter love-train.  First, "Our Father" was the best episode in a long time.  The scenes between Hiro and his mother got me all weepy.  So sweet and heart-breaking.  They did a great job of casting Ishi Nakamura–she was perfect.  It was also cool that she had the healing power, and was able to restore Hiro’s memory.  We saw that same trick between Angela and Lindermann, so that was some good continuity.  Also, the scenes between Claire and HRG in the past were powerful.  I couldn’t believe that she convinced him not to answer the phone.  Nevertheless, what exactly did she think she would prevent by never having the catalyst?  Think about it. 
          As for "Dual," it was action-packed and chilling.  The scenes with Sylar in the Company were very creepy, and there’s no way he’s dead.  He’ll be back.  The Nathan-Peter scenes were heart-breaking.  Nathan has revealed himself to be so cold, that I no longer resent Future Peter for trying to off him.  I only wish he was a better shot.  I’m thrilled that Peter finally got his power back, but it remains to be seen whether he retains the abilities he absorbed earlier.  The final shot, featuring Nathan and the President, was just frightening.  Volume IV is shaping up to be a crazy run. I can’t wait!  What will Tracy and Mohinder be up to? What will Peter do about his brother’s new mission? Will we finally meet Barbara (the long lost-triplet)?  Will we see Micah or Molly or Monica again?  Will the Company continue, now that its headquarters have been destroyed?  What’s in store for Claire and HRG?  Oh, and Ando’s power … does this contribute to the future fight between Ando and Hiro?  Will they just nix that whole Ando kills Hiro future?  I can’t wait to find out …

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