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“All by Myself”

December 23, 2008

Warning: Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy episode 5.10, aired 12/04/08!!!Mere and Christina

I finally caught up on Grey’s last week.  The latest Grey’s ep features the long-awaited solo-surgery.  All the attendings voted for Christina, but since the Chief made her exempt, she must pick the winner.  As Dr. Dixon surmises at the end of the episode, the Chief puts Christina through emotional torture throughout the episode.  In the end, Christina chooses Karev.  She took Dixon’s advice to leave emotion out of it.  Whatever.  I just felt for Christina the whole time.  Everyone else was so selfish.  All the residents are to blame, not only Christina.  Either Christina should have been allowed to perform the solo-surgery, OR all the residents should have been exempt.  My favorite parts of the episode were the Lexipedia-McSteamy interactions.  I am so on that love-train.  I also enjoyed Christina’s Seven Year Itch moment in the Vent-room.  Major McHotty is growing on me.  Sometimes he can be a bit scary, but he has a good heart.  Oh, I also loved Bailey’s speech in the O.R., when McSteamy was getting all pissed at her.  She’s awesome!  Seriously.  That’s all for now.  Ciao ciao.

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