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“Sorry kid, I’m going to Denver …”

January 9, 2009

Mark SloanWarning: Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 episode “Wish You Were Here,” aired 1/09/09!
Last night’s episode was pretty good overall.  It began with a prisoner on Death Row being brought in via ambulance.  The different reactions from the various attendings, residents, and interns regarding this news was interesting.  Christina and McDreamy were very hostile towards the PDR (McDreamy in particular), while Meredith behaved as ethics dictate and attempted to treat him like any other patient.  This created some tension between Mere and Dere, especially when Mere went against McDreamy’s orders and administered more morphine to the patient.  I’m with Meredith on this one–denying the PDR morphine when he had a knife stuck in his spine was inhumane.  Bad McDreamy.  Yeah, the guy turns out to be a creepy serial killer who slit five women’s throats, but he is still a person, and a patient.  At the end of the ep, McDreamy gives this heart-felt speech about his dad’s murder by gun-shot that I guess is supposed to make us feel sorry for him, but it does NOT justify treating prisoner patients as second-class citizens or sub-humans.  Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how this story progresses, as the creepy serial killer will be back next ep. 
My favorite storyline during this episode involved Callie and McSteamy.  I’m over my hatred of Callie since she and McSteamy just have such great chemistry together.  I just think they are the funnest part of the show these days.  At the beginning of the ep, McSteamy tells Lexipedia that “it’s never gonna happen again.”  He explains that he has to respect Derek’s wishes, because he’s his best friend and this is all that he asks from him.  To her credit, Lexipedia takes it well and just flounces off, all “o.k.”  Hee.  The tension between them continues throughout the show, and they are both on the same case, along with Callie, Sadie, and George.  Callie meanwhile is dealing with her mixed emotions regarding Sadie’s (evil Mrs. Vaughn) flirtatious advances.  She and McSteamy discuss how the interns are out of control.  “Stalkers,” Callie says in a sing-song voice.  Hee.  Callie and McSteamy try to solve their respective problems by hooking up with each other, but that doesn’t work.  Then Callie proposes the ingenious idea that they can form their own 12-step program, in which they will serve as each other’s sponsors.  The program quickly is revealed as a 1-step program: “Don’tget naked with your intern.”   McSteamy gets all serious and says, “I should write this down.”  Hee.  When their patient is finally ready to leave the hospital she tells her docs that she’s going to Denver (apparently this has great meaning, but I missed a few minutes of the show due to channel surfing).  The statement becomes even more important later, when McSteamy and Callie are at Joe’s Bar and they are trying to remain strong to their 1-step program.  McSteamy, no surprise, is the first to fall off the wagon, and tells Callie that “You only live once, you can’t waste it … Sorry kid, I’m going to Denver.”  Denver=Lexipedia’s anatomy.
As for Izzie, she spends the whole episode acting insane, and Alex becomes an insanity enabler.  The crazy ghostly triangle of love continues as Izzie admits to Alex that she’s been seeing and feeling and touching her dead ex-fiancee.  Miraculously (and perhaps also frighteningly) Alex does not run away screaming.  Instead, he thinks it’s hot.  Whatever, Alex.  He’s actually really sweet about it though, and he even bakes Izzie a cake for her birthday.  She and Alex get it on, while Denny is close to tears.   Izzie on the other hand is the happiest she’s ever been–so much so that she doesn’t have anything to wish for.  This story-line is just disturbing.  Very disturbing.  Izzie acts way more like an alien in this show than she did on Roswell.
What else? Mere and Christina are still fighting, but whatever.  They just need to get over it.  Thankfully, Sadie gives some good advice to her ex-best-friend, and hopefully Mere will take it.  We’ll see.  McDreamy sort of redeems himself at the end of the episode when he dances around Meredith’s living room trying to cheer her up, and fill the void left by Christina.  Sweet … I sort of like him again.  Sort of.   Oh, and I love Bailey.  She has a hard time this ep, but she turns it around.

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