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“You’re wearing an alarmingly high ponytail.”

January 21, 2009

Mere and ChristinaWarning: Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 episode “Sympathy for the Devil,” aired January 15th, 2009.
I really enjoyed last week’s Grey’s.  One of the highlights was that Tynne Daly came on as McDreamy’s mom.  I saw her play Clytemnestra in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon at the Getty over the Summer–the same play that featured Gilmore Girl‘s Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) as a member of the Chorus.  Very cool.  It took me a few moments to realize who the actress was.  I knew she looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her.  Daly is famous for playing Lacey in Cagney and Lacey, a show I’ve never seen.  She has won several Emmys, so she’s kind of a big deal.  Anyways, back to the episode.  I loved everyone’s reactions at the start of the show to the fact that Mama McDreamy is coming.  Meredith is understandably nervous and is convinced that mothers don’t like her, they like Izzy.  Izzy agrees, but pledges to get Mere prepared for the big day.  This involved making the house more “homey,” and encouraging Meredith to change her hairstyle.  Which brings us to the best part of the episode: Meredith’s high ponytail, with the pink hairtie.  Best thing ever! I was cracking up every time that she came on screen.  I love how tight it was–it literally was pulling her face up.  Hee. 
Callie had the dumbest man in the world as a patient.  He went to Hong Kong to get bone lengthening (?) surgery to add 2 inches to his height.  The shots of the damage to his legs from this horrendous surgery were very disturbing.  Yech.  Despite his pitches for sympathy as a short man, I had not one ounce of pity for him.  He was vain and idiotic whiner.  While he was complaining, I couldn’t help but think that he should just do what my sister does, and add 2 inches to his height on his own.  Fr*******’s 5’5″ height on her driver’s license is proof that they don’t measure you at the DMV.  She is also proof that if you keep telling people that you’re 5’5″ you eventually start believing it.    Anyways, I was glad when his brother finally told him off, and he said “I’m an ass aren’t I.”  “Yeah, and you’re short.”  Hee.
When we finally meet the much dreaded Mama McDreamy,  McSteamy is desperately trying to avoid her.  He is feeling super guilty about his dalliance with Lexipedia.  Luckily, Mama McDreamy realizes that Eric and Lexie make a perfect couple, and assures him that Lexie is a lovely girl.  One Grey approval down.  The other Dr. Grey, however, is having a much tougher time with it, and is still wearing the hilarious ponytail.  She finally realizes that she’s acting crazy, and takes down her hair.  Meredeth tells Mama McDreamy that she’s been trying to act like something she’s not.  Mere explains to the confused mother, “I’m the type of crazy person who feels sorry for serial killers.” True, very true.  But I think that is a one of her better qualities.  Mama McDreamy agrees, and tells her son so.  She explains that Derek sees the world in black and white (duh) and he needs Meredith to help balance him.  I agree.  Unfortunately, Mere takes this “Grey” thinking to extremes by encouraging the creepy serial killer to commit suicide.  I had to look away, as it was very disturbing.  Right/ wrong move? Consequences? That’s all for now–discuss amongst yourselves.  (If your’e wondering if I forgot about Izzie and Denny, I didn’t.  I’m just trying to.)

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