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“Because You Left”: Lost Season 5 Premiere, Part I

January 23, 2009

Warning: Do not read if you have not yet seen Part I of the season 5 premiere! Jack

The episode begins much like the premiere of season 2, with a seemingly normal morning ritual.  Now of course we know better, and this time it was pretty clear that the flashback was occurring in Othersville.  The mysterious man is revealed to be none other than Dr. Marvin Candle (or Pier Chang as we now know is his real name).  He is actually shown filming the orientation film for the arrow hatch!  Another Dharma employee comes in and tells him that there are problems down at the orchid.  He goes down to the digging site and is told that the drill melted.  The operator started grabbing his head and freaking out. We can see a faint outline of the wheel thingy that Ben used to cause all of the current trouble. Dr. Chang explains that energy will allow them to manipulate time.  I guess they’re sticking to scientific answers, which is good.  Truthfully, the scientific answers make as much sense to me as magic, so whatever.  The nameless employee asks, “What are we gonna do, kill Hitler.”  Dr. Chang patronizingly explains,”Don’t be stupid, there are rules.”  Oooh, more rules … Hmmm.  It’s important to note that the island time travel rules are unlike Back to the Future rules, which actually make sense; and unlike Terminator rules, which make no sense at all.  The crazy meter on Lost time-travel is somewhere in between those two.  The camera pans to a mysterious figure … and omg it’s Fariday! Dun dun dun.  When Dr. Chang leaves, the worker guy tells Fariday, “Did you hear that? Time travel!  How stupid does that guy think we are?”  Hee.  I love it when Lost makes fun of itself. 

We then cut to Jack at Locke’s coffin with Ben.  Ben is urging him to gather together the rest of his friends and go back to the island. Jack tells Ben, “They’re not my friends anymore.”  Jack wonders how this all happened.  Ben, in true Ben form, explains, “It happened because you left Jack.”  Sure pour on more guilt to the pill-popping alcoholic crazy beard guy.  Good plan.  Ben’s plan is to get Hurley then Sun, Kate and Sayid.  Ben says that the last time he saw John was in last season’s finale–the incident at the Orchid.  Jack tells Ben that Locke told him that everyone will die unless he goes back.

Flashback to 3 years earlier: we are shown the last few scenes of the last episode.  Really?  Like I forgot or something?  Whatever.  After “the island moves” (we are still not sure whether that’s actually what happened), Locke is left all alone in the jungle and it starts raining.  Oooh, time for crazy stuff.  Crazy stuff always happens when it rains.  Locke calls for Richard but gets no response, so he starts calling for anyone.  “Anyone … Anyone … Anyone …”  Hee.

Then we flash to the life boat, in which Fariday states, “We must have been inside the radius.”  Go exposition man.  Meanwhile, Sawyer asks Juliette, “What the hell was that?”  Juliette says that she doesn’t know, and they both wonder where the freighter went to.  Rose and Bernard are panicking.  There is no camp–all the tents, food and water are gone.  What?!  Fariday says it’s not gone.  He is the only one who seems to know what’s going on.  “The camp isn’t gone.  It hasn’t been built yet.”  I knew he was going to say that.

We flash to Kate’s house in the present time, where the scene from the promo video takes place (my one bit of spoilers for the episode–otherwise I remained spoiler free!).  Two lawyers show up at Kate’s door requesting a blood sample from Aaron.  They won’t divulge their client’s name.  Any guesses?  I’m gonna say Whidmore.  Kate tells them to get off her property, and to come back with the sheriff.  She then proceeds to pack a suitcase and get ready to run. Surprise … except not at all.   The picture of Aaron and Jack on the table makes me sad.  Oh Kate and Jack, can’t you just get over yourselves already and be together? Sigh.

Back to the island: Sawyer and Juliette discuss why in the hell Sawyer jumped off the helicopter. Fariday is in a rush to do something mysterious and complicated that he can’t or won’t explain to stupid people.  Sawyer wants Fariday’s shirt.  Hilarious!  Again, Lost poking fun at itself for all the shirtless Sawyer scenes.  Then, Sawyer slaps him.  Yes, a grown man slapped another grown man.  Such fun.  Faraday explains that the island is a skipped record.  Whatever Ben did “dislodged” them from time.  Either the island or the people are moving through time.  Fariday asks whether everyone in their group is accounted for.  Sawyer points out that Locke is missing.  Cut to Locke, who it seems got dislodged a bit further back, as Mr. Eko’s brother’s plane passes overhead. Crazy!  Locke goes after the plane.  We all know how obsessed he is with that thing, so it’s only fitting that he goes back to the moment when it crashed.  He runs into creepy Ethan.  Locke tries to explain that Ben appointed him leader, but Ethan points a gun at him.  Luckily time travel strikes again and he gets moved.  Then there’s a flash and it turns night for the other islanders.

We then cut to Sun at the airport.  She gets directed to a room, where Whidmore is waiting.  The billionaire is pissed that Sun approached him in front of his associates.  He has respect issues.  Sun explains that they have common interests, i.e. they both want to kill Ben Linus.  Doesn’t everyone?  We then see Ben and Jack watching a news story  on t.v.: Hurley escaped from the mental institution.  The camera cuts to Hurley and Sayid at a food place.  Hurley: “You know maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn’t have to go around shooting people.”  Sound advice.  Sayid refers to Locke as Bentham, so Hurley says that he wants a cool codename. Hee.  Hurley definitely has the best lines in this episode.  Hurley wonders how Sayid got so paranoid.  Sayid explains that he’s been working for Ben Linus.  ‘Nuf said.  Sayid tells Hurley to do the opposite of whatever Ben says.  Of course that logic is faulty as Ben is so trixy that he might tell you to do the opposite of what he really wants you to do.  Of course then he might think Hurley would assume that Ben would … oh, just think Vizzini in The Princess Bride.  Sayid and Hurley go to a hotel, where they are met by attackers.  Sayid proceeds to throws one off of the balcony.  Nice.  A dart hits Sayid, but he’s not out, he’s Sayid.  He then hits the assailant with a pan.  Unfortunately, while this is going on, a crowd gathers around the dead body in the parking lot and someone takes a picture of Hurley with a gun.  Hurley is freaking out and says “We never should have left that island.”  You think?

Back to the island: Charlotte (who I still don’t completely trust) wonders if “he’s” looking for them.  Cranky ghostbuster guy replies, “It took him 20 years to find this place last time.  I’ll start holding my breath.”  Hee.  Fariday tries to explain the rules of time travel to Sawyer, but clearly our favorite con artist has not watched a lot of Sci-Fi.  Now I know why watching Sci-Fi is useful–if I ever got stuck on a crazy island with time flashes I would at least understand the rules.

Flash to Locke on his own in the jungle.  A man with a torch approaches.  It’s Richard, and he knows who John is.  Richard knows that there’s a bullet in his leg because John told him.  Or he will.  Headache!  Richard explains that the only way to fix things is to get his people (the oceanic 6) back here.  He will have to die in order to do it.  Clearly Locke is a Jesus figure.  When everyone gets back, bringing his body with them, I bet he will be “resurrected”/ time will reset itself and he will be alive again.  Awesome!

We then realize the coolest thing ever–the flashes are changing current people’s memories.  Desmond all of a sudden “remembers” what Fariday told him, and tells Penny that they are leaving for Oxford.  Hmm.  End of Part I.  I will put up Part II soon.

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