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“The Lie”: Lost Season 5 Premiere, Part II

January 24, 2009

Warning: Do not read unless you have seen part 2 of the Lost Season 5 premiere, “The Lie”!Jack

I don’t have the time or energy to put these thoughts together in a clever or amusing way, but I figured I better post my recap before it stops being relevant.  Here is a copy of my live blogging notes, taken WHILE I was watching … unedited.

  • 3 years ago: Frank takes beers out of the fridge.  Oceanic 6 discuss the lie. Why is Frank there?  I can’t remember.  Hurley tries to see reason, and not lie, but no one else is convinced. “I’m sorry Hurley but we have to lie.” Hurley vows that he’s going to remember this when Sayid needs his help. Flash to Hurley helping Sayid in the present. Hurley gets pulled over with the drugged Sayid. Hurley is freaking out. Cop is Ana Lucia. What the hell. “What if I were real?”  WTF!  “You need to pull it together.”  She tells him to stay away from the cops and to not get arrested. “Oh yeah, Libby says hi.”  What?!  “Hurley: Well, you heard her,” to Sayid.
  • Rose and Bernard arguing. Neil Frogurt is a jerk. Sawyer finds a shirt. Hee.
  • Hurley goes to store to buy Shitzu t-shirts. Teller recognizes him as guy who won the lottery and crashed in that plane. Kate pulls in to gas station as Hurley and Sayid leave.
  • Kate almost calls Jack but then closes the phone. Someone calls her: “I can’t believe it’s you … no, how are you? You’re in L.A.?”  Kate tells Aaron that they’re going to see a friend.
  • Ben tells Jack that he flushed his pills down the toilet. Jack says that he was about to do that. Riiiight. Ben tells him to pack a suitcase and that he’s never coming back. Ben says that he needs to move Locke’s coffin somewhere safe. Locke is totally coming back from the dead.Jack 2
  • Cut to Cheech Marin watching Expose. Razzle Dazzle! Hee. Hurley shows up with Sayid on his shoulder. “You killed three people?”  “No, Sayid did.”  “Oh, well that’s much better,” as he looks at Sayid.
  • Kate and Aaron go to a hotel/apartment building. Sun answers the door.
  • Blonde chick knows Ben. She is in on the plan. Ben makes it clear that preserving John’s body is top priority.
  • Back to the island. Rose tells Neil to take a timeout. Hee. Redhead and Faraday: she couldn’t remember her mom’s maiden name. She asks him if he knows what’s happening to her. It’s clear he does, but he doesn’t answer. The Losties argure over the lack of a knife when the ghostbuster returns with a dead animal–boar? All of a sudden flaming arrow hits Frogurt. I knew he was a redshirt. More arrows coming.
  • Kate tells Sun about lawyers. Sun tells her that she’ll have to “take care of them.” Kate wonders what kind of person Sun thinks that she is. A criminal and a liar Kate–which you ARE! Sun says that she is someone willing to make the hard choices: flash to boat scene where Jin is left behind. Sun assures Kate that she doesn’t blame her. Hmm.
  • Cheech goes to Jack. Cheech tells him to stay away from his son. Jack drives up to hospital. Ben looks a little apprehensive when Jack tells him that Sayid showed up at his door. Hmm.
  • Hurley tells his mom that Sayid is a good guy, but he also has this double life where he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff. Hee. Hurley’s mom wonders why anyone would want to hurt him. She wants the truth and he tell her about the lie. Hurley tries to explain everything, but it sounds crazy. Hurley basically summarizes the ENTIRE SERIES SO FAR!  Hilarious! Hurley’s mom tells him that she believes him. She doesn’t understand him, but she believes him. Aaww.
  • Commercial for Nathan Fillion’s new show. Woo hoo!  Watch Castle people!
  • Jack and Sayid:  Sayid creepily asks if anyone else knows if Hurley is at his parents’ house.
  • Ben shows up at house. Hurley tells Ben that Sayid warned him about Ben. Hurley says, no you’re playing one of your mind games on me.  Ben seems to be convincing, but Hurleystays strong and says “never dude.” Hurley runs out to the cops and gets arrested.
  • Island: some people try to cut off Juliette’s hand, but Locke comes in and saves them. “Nice to see ya.” Hee.
  • White-haired lady in church (she’s the ring lady from the Desmond episode). She tells Ben that he has 70 hours. He asks her what happens if he can’t get them to come back. She says that would be bad. O.k.
  • Next week: more “we all have to be together.Desmond has to save them. Locke: “this is all happening because they left.” It’s going to be a stressful season. I have a headache.
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