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Lost: “Jughead”

January 31, 2009

Sawyer readingWarning: Spoilers for Lost Season 5 episode “Jughead,” aired 1/28/09!!!

Here is my live blog for the latest episode, edited with comments:

  • Desmond is running through an unknown location (revealed by Cathy to be the Philippines). Cut to Penny giving birth. She has a boy. Flash to a few years later, and a beautiful little boy is sitting on Desmond’s lap. Desmond tells his son about a very special island, but he means Great Britain, specifically Scotland. Desmond: “It’s where your mommy and daddy fell in love.Penny:It’s also where you broke my heart.” She’s a little negative this episode. They are planning to go to Oxford, and Desmond explains that it’s up to him to save his friends.
  • Islanders: Charlotte is having double vision and something else that I didn’t catch. Faraday knows that is bad, but doesn’t explain to Charlotte or the audience. Miles, Faraday, and Charlotte were planning to meet up with others from the camp (not bad others, other Losties), but then someone sets off a bomb, and the Others (with a capitol O) come up. They are led by a pretty blonde woman with an accent and a scary expression.  Miles tells the her that Faraday is in charge. The blonde with the gun addresses Faraday: “You justcouldn’t stay away could you?” What?
  • Desmond and Penny’s boat: Penny and Desmond are arguing; Desmond is trying to explain the crazy time travel stuff to Penny, and she’s pretty understanding considering. Penny wants Desmond to promise not to go back to the island–which of course means that he will.
  • Islanders: Blonde with the gun wants to know where the rest of their people are. Flash to Locke and Sawyer with 2 Others. Sawyer wonders where they are.  Locke corrects Sawyer: “The more appropriate question is when are we.” The Others start speaking Latin!!!  Crazy! Julliette explains that they know how to speak Latin because they’re others. O.K. The question is, do the Others only recruit people who speak Latin, or do the Others teach Latin at Othersville? Hmmm. Back to Faraday and crew: Miles talks crazy about walking over a fresh grave. OMG they’re brought to Richard. Looks like he’s boss at this point in time. “My name is Richard Alpert. I assume you’ve come back for your bomb.”  What!?
  • Back to Desmond: He’s in Oxford, supposedly searching for  Faraday’s mom. He is in Faraday’s lab, and it looks like it has not been used for a long time. Guy comes in. “I wondered when someone would figure out that we’re not just fumigating in here.” Hmm.  Ominous. “Rumor had it, he was trying to send rats brains back in time.”  Hee. Desmond asks about what Fariday is up to now.  Unknown guy:Are you kidding? After what he did to that poor girl.”  Dun dun dun…
  • Island: It seems that they have flashed back to the time during which the Others are in conflict with Dharma (i.e. before Ben helped them kill all the Dharma people with the gas). Fariday taks some nonsense about the bomb. He has to diffuse it or they will all die. Whatever. Fariday tells Richard that he’s in love with Charlotte as proof of his good faith. Richard is a big softie apparently. Elsewhere, Sawyer wonders why the Others speak Latin, and Julliette explains: “Ohit was 101. The language of the enlightened.”  Hee.  One of the two captured Others kills the other Other when he starts talking. He then escapes.  Sawyer yells at Locke because he did not  shoot the Other. Locke explains that he is one of his people. Hmm.
  • Desmond in Oxford.: He walks up to a house and knocks. Blonde woman answers the door. She lets him in when she hears that Fariday gave him the name. Her sister is lying in a hospital bed, and it’s made clear that her consciousness is unstuck in time. The sister tells Desmond that Fariday abandoned her here to run off to the states. We learn that Whidmore is involved. He funded Fariday’s research! Desmond does not look thrilled by this.
  • Island: Fariday tells Charlotte that he meant what he said. I love that everyone else on the island is in clothing for hot weather, but Richard wears black pants and a black button up shirt. He’s my kind of guy. We see the Other who broke the other Other’s neck return to the Other camp.  He is a total jerk, and stupid.  Referring to Locke, he shouts: “You think he can track me? You think he knows this island better than me?” Ha! Cut to Locke and Sawyer and Julliette right by the camp–they have tracked the idiot. Locke says he’s gonna go finish his conversation with Richard, instead of saving Faraday. Sawyer asks Julliette: “What about you? You gonna stay here in Crazytown, or are you gonna help me rescue the geek?” Hee. Cut to Fariday and company: There’s some arguing over the bomb. The blonde is a little sceptical about the whole time travel thing.
  • Back to England: Desmond barges into Whidmore’s office. Ominous music echoes In the background. “I need to know where I can find Daniel Fariday’s mother?” “Desmond, I haven’t seen or heard from my daughter in 3 years. Just answer me this. Is she safe?” Whidmore finally admits that Fariday’s mom is in LA. He explains that she won’t be pleased to see Desmond as she’s very private person. I think a lot of fans are guessing that the ring lady is Fariday’s mom.  We’ll see. Whidmore tells Desmond to go back to where he was hiding. Aww, he really loves his daughter.
  • Back to the Island: Alpert is not impressed by Locke’s name, but then Locke says that Jacob sent him.  Alpert changes his tune. OMG: the young jerk Other is revealed to be Whidmore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, that explains why he’s such an ass.  These kind of reveals are my favorite thing about this show!
  • Desmond and Penny and baby: Penny tells Desmond that their little boy wanted to go fishing in the Thames. They were not successful. Desmond lies that Fariday’s mom died a few years ago. Penny is a human lie detector, so Desmond admits that the woman is alive and in L.A. Desmond and Penny’s son’s name is revealed to be Charlie. Aaawwwww. Penny is super-understanding, so she says that they will all go together.
  • Alpert and Locke: The two catch up on the future/history. Alpert: “Look, I certainly don’t want to contradict myself, but we have a very specific process for selecting our leader …” Hee.  Locke tells him to look him up, and tells Richard where and when he is born.  Locke: “Oh no, it’s about to happen again.”  Flash. Locke, Sawyer, Fariday, Charlotte, Miles, and Julliette all travel back or forward in time. Charlotte is dizzy. And her nose is majorly bleeding.
  • Next week: Back to the Oceanic 6.  More plans to get back to the island.
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