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Lost: “The Little Prince”

February 4, 2009

Warning: Do not read until you have watched “The Little Prince,” aired 2/04/09!!!Kate.Lost

The episode begins with Jack and Kate on the boat, when they had first left the island. Kate wonders what they’re gonna do about Aaron. Kate tells Jack that Claire was flying to L.A. to give him up for adoption. She says that they should say that Aaron is hers; after everyone she’s lost, she can’t lose Aaron too. At first I thought this was a little week–I means, since when was Kate so attached to Aaron?!  But later, when Sawyer watches the scene from Season 2 (1?), Kate delivering Claire’s baby, her emotional attachment makes more sense.   Jack says that Sawyer’s not dead, but it’s clear that he wouldn’t mind if that were the case. Jack tells her about his plan for the lie (referring to the opening of the episode “The Lie”). He wants her to back him up when he proposes the lie.  She agrees, and says she’s always been with him.  Right …. except that is not at all true.  Maybe 50%, tops.
Sun and Kate: Kate leaves Aaron with Sun while she goes out to deal with the whole lawyer/ blood-test issue. Someone delivers a package to Sun. It contains a file with a surveillance photo of Ben and Jack … and  a box of chocolates hiding a gun.  Hmm, I think that our worst fears about Sun may be realized.

Island: Charlotte is still passed out with a bloody nose. Juliette wants to know if Faraday has something to tell them. Sawyer starts yelling, and Julliette tells him to go away. Hee.  I love how Sawyer always listens to Juliette–pretty amazing for Sawyer. Faraday admits that he thought that this might happen.  Hmm, don’t you think that you might have warned everybody else then?  Reveal what you know already buddy!  His caginess is serving no purpose but to annoy me.  Juliette wonders why it isn’t happening to the rest of them. Fariday doesn’t know, but he says thank god it’s not.  Thank you Captain Obvious.  Now, is he lying about not knowing? He definitely has his suspicions.  Tell us already!

Back to Kate: She meets with the lawyer from last week. Kate offers a deal: she will give up the blood samples, if his client talks to her. There’s some more back and forthe in which Kate wonders why he is doing this to her.  The lawyer tells her that she did this to herself. True.  He tells her to prepare herself, because she is going to lose the boy.  No she’s not, because she’ll be going back to the island by the end of the season I suspect.

Island: Locke says that they have to go back to the Orchid. He explains that that’s where this all started. Locke thinks that if he can leave the island like Ben then he can save them. He repeats his tired refrain that this is all happening because they left. WE GET IT!  Locke vows, “They have to come back, even if it kills me.”  Then there’s some heavy-handed dialogue to “hint” that Sawyer misses Kate.  WE GET IT! Charlotte wakes up and asks Faraday who he is.  For a moment we are supposed to think that her consciousness has moved in time,  but then she seems to remember again. She’s a bit dizzy but o.k.  Miles deadpans, “Hooray, everything’s back to normal. Now what?” Hee.  Sawyer says that they are going to the Orchid.
I suspect that the trip will not be quick or smooth (and I’m right).
Cut to the hospital with Sayid and Jack: Sayid is concerned for Hurley. Jack tries to convince Sayid that Ben is not going to harm Hurley. Then they are interrupted by another doctor, and Jack gets a lecture from Nina from Everwood.  She looks less scary and plastic surgery-y now.  As Nina points out, Jack was suspended so he can’t be in the hospital. There is clearly no security in the hospital thoug, so it doesn’t seem to matter. Ben shows up and greets Jack.  Meanwhile, an unknown man shows up with meds for Sayid. The guy pulls a gun, but Sayid uses his ninja skills to strangle him and get some cryptic info on who hired him; then Sayid shoots him with the  tranq gun the guy had.  Interesting–whoever it was was not trying to kill him, but to kidnap him.   The address in the attacker’s pocket is 42 Panorama Crest. Jack comes back in in time to tell the audience that that’s Kate’s address.  Hmmm.  Possible people behind the attempt: Ben/ Sun/ Whidmore?
Jack calls Kate, and asks her if she and Aaron are o.k.  She tells him that she’s fine and that Aaron is with Sun. Jack convinces her to tell him where she is so he can talk to her. Ben and Sayid go off to get Hurley.
Island: Sawyer asks Locke what he will tell Kate to get her to come back. Again, we get that he misses her.  They see something in the distance–a metal pole of some sort? (It is later revealed to be the light from the hatch–I’m an idiot).  Locke redirects their route and there’s some scary music. They here some screaming–sounds like claire.  Perhaps she’s trying to escape from Ethan?  Nope, she’s giving birth, with Kate by her side.  The blast from the past clip they use is pretty long, and I have to say that  this scene made me tear up. Sawyer watches on, all enthralled.  Because he’s so sensitive, and IN LOVE.  Guess what?  Sawyer is in love with Kate and he misses her.  Whatever. Cue flash. It is now daylight.

Jack and Kate: Kate is being all avoidy and intense. She finally admits that someone wants Aaron. Kate sees the lawyer driving off. She tells Jack that she has to go, “get in or don’t.” He gets in.

Island: Locke wonders what Sawyer saw. He explains that the light in the sky was from the hatch–it was the night that Boone died (and the night that Claire gave birth to Aaron). Locke: “At the time I thought it meant something, but it was just a light.”  Sawyer wonders why he didn’t go talk to himself, and spare himself all the heartache. Locke says that he needed that pain to get where he is now.  Miles tells Faraday that just got a nose bleed. He wonders why he and Charlotte got them, but not the others. Fariday posits that it could be because of prolonged exposure on the island.  He wonders whether Miles has been there in the past.  Yes, because he is Marvin Candle/ Pier Chang’s son!   Miles doesn’t seem to know that theory though.  They get back to camp, and it has been raided.  There are a couple boats with Ajira water bottles–apparently it’s an airline. Sawyer wonders if it’s other Others? Juliette: “Don’t look at me.”  Hee.  They slide the boats out and start paddling. Sawyer admits to Juliette that he saw Kate last night. Some shots ring out. “I think they want their boat back.” Cue a very timely flash. Sawyer: “Thank you Lord!Then they are suddenly in a bad storm. Sawyer: “I take that back.”
Back to Kate & Jack tailing the lawyer. He goes up to a hotel room, where a blonde woman, Claire’s mother!, opens the door.  Jack and Kate have a moment. Then Jack says he will go talk to her. He says that he can fix it.Aaron is my family too.” He gets out of the car–it’s conveniently raining. It’s always raining for heavy emotional scenes. He knocks on the door, and the Claire’s mom invites him in.  Jack tells her that he followed the lawyer. As he starts to argue with her, it is revealed that she has no idea who Aaron is, and she is in L.A. because she is suing Oceanic Airlines.  Jack goes back to Kate and says that they have to go. He explains that she doesn’t even know that Aaron exists. It’s just a coincidence. Whoever is trying to take Aaron, it’s not her.  Hmmm.

Ben and Sayid: Ben wonders why Sayid took it upon himself to rescue Hugo. Sayid explains that he had to make sure that Hurley was safe. O.k., but that does not really explain WHY!  They exchange some creepy looks. Then, surprise! Kate’s lawyer comes up to Ben!!!! He explains that he got Hurley’s charges dropped. Ben is SO the client that ordered the blood test from Kate!  It must be part of theplan to convince her to return to the island–get her to run again.

Island: Our Losties finally get ashore. Juliette tells Sawyer that they didn’t get a chance to finish their conversation. Sawyer says that he wasn’t about to tell her anything, but he goes ahead and tells her anyway. Sawyer says that what’s done is done. O.k., then let it go already. Sawyer sees that Juliette has a bloody nose. They look around and see that there is recent wreckage around. It’s French!!!!  Cut to Danielle and co. in a raft. They rescue Jin!!!!
Hurrah!  Jin is alive.  I am so happy!  I was told that this episode would make me happy, and this must be why.  Let’s just hope that Sun doesn’t kill too many people before she realizes that her vendetta is groundless.
Nathan Fillion commercial again! Castle premieres on Monday, March 9th at 9pm.

Back to Kate and Jack: They drive somewhere and park. Kate wonders why Jack called her today. Jack gets all avoidy (I guess two can play that game–they are very similar in that way), and then shows her the paper with her address on it. He explains that Sayid was attacked,etc. Kate wonders why Sayid was there, and Jack says that it isn’t important now. Them Ben and Sayid drive up.  I think it IS important NOW, Jack. Kate looks very concerned when she sees Ben. Jack says its ok, because Ben is with him. Kate does not seem convinced by this.  Can’t say that I blame her. Ben admits that is was him trying to take Aaron. Dastardly.  Hee.  We should have know from the start.  Cut to Sun looking on from a nearby car. Aaron is in the back seat. She gets out of the car with a gun.

Island: Jin on the beach with the Frenchies. A young Danielle!  So exciting!  She asks him if he is o.k. He tells them that his boat sunk. Danielle is revealed to be pregnant. She introduces herself to Jin, who looks shocked when he hears her name.  The end.  Will he flash to a different time soon?  What will we learn about Danielle and her crew? Hers is the backstory that I have been most wanting to be revealed.

Next week: Sun confronts Ben and he tells her that Jin is alive! Called it!  Question is, will she believehim?  Or will she shoot first, aske questions later?  How much does Whidmore know?  Hmm.

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