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Heroes: Dumb and Dumber

February 9, 2009

Warning: Spoilers for the Heroes Season 3 episode, “A Clear and Present Danger,” aired 2.02.09!Heroes poster

Here are my thoughts on last week’s Heroes, just in time for tonight’s new episode. I really enjoyed the episode overall, but I have a few rants too …

  • First, how stupid is Nathan?  On that note, how stupid is the U.S. government  to buy what he’s selling?  Why does no one suspect that Nathan has powers? Only everyone he is related to, or has ever been associated with, has abilities.  Wise up people.  In this frakked up Heroes-verse the FBI and CIA apparently have no investigative skills.  And Nathan doesn’t even bother to give any background info on Sylar before sending a few armed guys to round him up.  Yeah, good luck with that.  The whole attempt to capture Sylar was just laughable.  Did Nathan not see any of Season 1 and 2?!?!?  Stupidest plan ever …  Oh wait, except for the plan that involved sticking Peter (Peter!) on a plane full of specials, with only a couple of armed guards. Oh yes, put the man with the ability to absorb any power (and with a major hero-complex to boot) in a room full of people with potentially dangerous abilities.  Good one.  If Nathan really wanted to lock up these specials, including his brother, he would have kept Peter as far away from them as possible.  Yes, Peter was dumb to fall for his brother’s trap, but Nathan was far dumber in trapping his brother in this half-ass way.  Oh, and poor Hiro doesn’t even have any powers anymore, but he’s captured along with the others–again, I say research much?  Hopeless people.  And I won’t even bring up how Nathan went from wanting to create an entire army of people with special abilities, to the desire to arrest everyone with suspected abilities in about 1 episode … 
  • That said, I like the fugitive concept as a plot device for this season.  It’s very X-Men … people persecuted because they are different and all that.
  • I love that Claire is really getting her own hero-complex, and is rivalling Peter for the worst-thought-out, but best-intentioned actions.  It will be interesting to see what HRG has to say to her, now that she discovered that he is in on the capturing.  Speaking of Claire, they need to stop putting old woman make-up on the poor girl.  A girl her age would not be wearing lipstick, she’d be wearing lip gloss; and if she were to wear lipstick, she would NEVER wear anything close to the color that Claire was sporting in this episode.  She was wearing too much make-up in general, and that is not agood look for her.  Hayden Panetierre is adorable, and the make-up department needs to stop doing drugs, or else replace the faulty mirror in the trailer.
  • Mohinder didn’t make me hate him in this episode, so maybe there’s hope for him yet …
  • The question of Peter’s powers: It seems that when Peter injected himself with the formula, he didn’t get back the exact same power that he used to have.  He still absorbs abilities, but now he has to touch the person’s skin.  In the past, he just had to be in the room, or nearby.  Also, the power was triggered by thinking about how that person made him feel.  The electric shocky blue lines that the camera zoomed in on show a much different method of transfer now.  The question is, does Peter get to keep those powers that he gains through touch permanently?  Can he have more than one power at a time?  Much has been made about the fact that when he was using Tracy’s freeze power he didn’t seem to have Suresh’s super-strength.  Hmmm.  Also, if he still retained Peter’s flying ability, then why would he care about being sucked out of the plane?  We will have to wait and see.
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