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An Ode to Ellen Tigh

February 14, 2009

Warning: Do not read this if you are not caught up on Battlestar Galactica!ellen_tigh_1

Oh Ellen Tigh, what a character arc you have had … and you’re not done yet.  Last night, we saw the resurrection of Ellen, the final cylon (sort of, but more on that later).  Ellen has come a long way from her first appearance on BSG in Season 1.  Back then she was an alcoholic, and a very bad influence on her husband.  In her first episode, Ellen managed to flirt with Baltar, play footsie with Lee, lie about Adama making inappropriate sexual advances on her, and make everyone think that she was a cylon.  In an ironic twist, they were right.  But Ellen is not just a cylon, she’s the cylon with all the answers.  She woke up in the tub of goo with all her memories.  Has she always remembered?  Or did death spark them to come back?  Unfortunately, she wakes up under the gaze of the evil Cavil, who turns out to have attempted to engineer the death of the Final Five.  He’s known about them all along, and was trying to keep the rest of the models from finding out.  Kate Vernon knocked it out of the park in every scene with Cavil and Boomer.  Learning the back story of the final 5 was definitely worth the wait.  I think Ellen may have replaced 6 as my favorite cylon!  She was just so awesome!  The sixes have always been my favorite cylons, but this half of the season they have almost been forgotten (shame on you writers/ producers).  I still love Head 6, Caprica 6, Natalie, Gina, etc., but Ellen is providing some fierce competition for the most BA cylon.  Back to this episode, I was so glad when Boomer turned and helped her escape.  Will Boomer go with Ellen? Will Ellen reunite with Tigh?  What will she think about Caprica Six’s pregnancy?  (The relationship between Tigh and Caprica 6 is creepy by the way–blech!)   How will all the humans react to Ellen’s awesomeness?  What about this 13th cylon, Daniel?  Will Starbuck try to get the truth from Ellen?  This is just so exciting! Can’t wait for next week …

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