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Lost: “We’re not going to Guam, are we?”

February 20, 2009

Warning, do not read this if you have not seen Lost Season 5 episode, “316,” aired on 2/18/09!Kate.Lost

Here is my live-blog of the most recent episode, edited with comments. Let me know what you thought of the episode.

  • In the last episode, Jack, Desmond, Sun, and Ben met up with Faraday’s mom, Eloise. This episode picks up with Jack’s eye opening–just like in the pilot! Cool! Jack hears someone calling for help. He jumps into the lagoon to save Hurley, who is clinging to a guitar case. I guess he can’t swim? Did we know that? My poor brain and its bad memory … Oh my god, they’re back on the island! Jack sees Kate passed out on a rock and swims over to her. He tries to revive her and she wakes up.
  • The screen reads “46 hours earlier.” Hello! Spoiler alert much! That has got to be one of my least favorite plot devices (behind supernatural pregnancies of course). It was a favorite trick of Alias, and it always confused things or else ruined the surprise. I get why they do it, but it kind of ruins the suspense because we already know a big chunk of what happens. Now we know that Kate and Hurley are somehow convinced to return. Oh well, over it.
  • Back to Eloise and company in the church. She brings them to a door with a dharma logo and they enter into a large circular room with numbers and a map with a swinging pendulum. The Dharma initiative called it “the lamppost.” This is how they found the island. OMFG!
  • Eloise gives then a lecture about some science stuff. The people who built this room knew about the island, but didn’t know where it was. Some smart guy figured out that the island was always moving. He figured out a series of equations that tell us where the island is going to be at a certain place in time. The Oceanic 6’s window closes in 36 hours. Desmond can’t believe how crazy everyone else is–they want to go back to island willingly! Hee. Desmond relays the message to Eloise from her son. She explains that she already is helping them, and Desmond remembers her from his previous flashbacks, and is pissed. He tells Jack that these people are using them. “Whatever she tells you to do, ignore it. You say the island’s not done with me, well I’m done with the island.” Then he storms off. For some reason I found that scene hilarious. Eloise is unfazed and tells Jack that there’s a commercial airliner , Ajira Air, and a flight #316, and that they must all be on it. It’s going to Guam!!!! Flight 316 will be passing through the window. If they can’t get everyone else to go, the result will be “unpredictable.” And that’s not all …
  • She brings Jack into a private office, to give him John Locke’s suicide note. Jack, along with the audience, didn’t know that Locke had hung himself! Jack asks why, and Eloise says that John is going to be a proxy for Christian Shepherd! Jack has to give John something that belonged to his dad, in order to recreate the original flight. She tells him to stop thinking about how ridiculous it is and to start thinking about whether he believes it is going to work. It’s a leap of faith.
  • Cut to Ben praying in the church. Sun left. Jack asks who Eloise is. Ben spins some crap as per usual–instead of answering the question, he gives the story of doubting Thomas. Matthew Fox does his best crying in the woods face. Then all of a sudden he’s in an airport bar? Then he goes to a retirement home to see someone named Ray. It’s his grandfather! Grandpa wonders whether Jack is seeing anyone special. He asks about Kate. Grandpa clearly does not know how emotionally damaged his grandson is. Jack discovers his dad’s shoes in his grandpa’s suitcase. How convenient! Something of his dad’s, check. Jack returns home (?) and searches for alcohol. Good job, leader. He hears a noise and goes to check it out. He finds Kate, looking tired out and depressed, and she says that she is going with him. She tells him not to ask questions. If he wants her to go, he can’t ask her about Aaron. Then they make out. What?! I am SO OVER Kate. The writers have destroyed her character. The next morning, Kate and Jack have some breakfast. Jack tries to explain the shoes, but Kate is an idiot, and is clearly still very sad and upset. Ben calls and he is bloody. He tells Jack where Locke’s body is, because he is running late–that will be an interesting flashback in a future episode. Jack goes to the Butcher shop, where Jill the butcher knows who Jack is. Jack opens the coffin to put his dad’s shoes on Locke. He puts Locke’s suicide note in the coffin, refusing to read it. I’m going to take a leap and say it had something really important in it, and that Jack will eventually read it and will cry.
  • Cut to Jack at the airport signing in Locke’s body. Sun meets up with Jack in security line. They see Sayid being brought in; he’s in police custody like Kate was in the pilot. Lots of recurring themes here. Hurley is reading a comic book, and he bought 78 seats. Jack wonders how he knew about the flight. Me too. Kate looks like she’s a zombie or something. Why does Hurley have a guitar. Oh, in memory of Charlie probably. Sweet. (even though I hated Charlie, I can be nostalgic) Ben comes in at the last minute. Hurley is upset to see Ben. Ben doesn’t know how Hurley knew either … or so he says. We can’t trust anything that man says. The flight attendant gives Jack the suicide note. Hee. I knew he wasn’t getting out of that one. Jack asks what will happen to the other people on the plane, and Ben says who cares. That’s our Ben. Cue the emotional music. Jack walks up to sit with Kate. OMG Frank LaPedis (spelling? Sorry) is the pilot! Pilot comes out, and then he sees that Hurley, Sayid and Kate and Sun are all on the plane. “We’re not going to Guam are we?” Hee.
  • Jack to Ben: “How can you read? Ben: “My mother taught me?” Hee. Jack asks if Ben knew that Locke killed himself. Ben claims that he did not know, but from next week’s previews it looks like Ben played a very instrumental role in Locke’s death. Prompted by Ben, we learn that Jack is afraid that Locke blames him for his death. Ben says that it’s not Jack’s fault and gives him some privacy. Jack opens the letter, which reads: “I wish you had believed.” Sad, and their relationship in a nutshell. Cue turbulence. Hurley tells an unknown man to fasten his seatbelt, and then puts a blindfold on. Ha. There’s a white light, and then we’re back to the scene at the beginning of the episode. Jack saves Hurley, revives Kate, etc. They don’t remember crashing, so maybe they didn’t. A time flash perhaps. Music. Dharma van pulls up, and someone steps out. It’s Jin!
  • Verdict: I loved the episode, and I’m shocked that the Oceanic 6 returned to the island so soon!  I can’t wait for more!
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