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Best opening number of the Oscars ever

February 22, 2009

I just watched Hugh Jackman’s opening number, and it was HI-larious.  Loved it.  I hope you guys watched.  I loved that he made fun of the fact that comic book movies never get nominated: "How can a billion dollars be un-sophisticaaaated?"  And he sang about not having seen The Reader–he "went to the theatre but there was a line of people to see Iron Man for the second time …"  Oh, and I liked that his last line of his song was "I’m Wolverine!"  Classic.  Back to the show, it’s only 12 minutes in. 

Update at 5:55 p.m.: Penelope Cruz gave a lovely speech, in a gorgeous dress.  I loved what she said about art and its global importance–people sometimes forget that movies (and t.v.) are a form of artistic expression, and should be appreciated as such.  I spied Sophia Loren in the audience! Hurrah!  Also, I am enjoying Tina Fey and Steve Martin’s presentation of the screen play nominees.

Update at 6:32 p.m.: Natalie Portman looks great–love the pink dress with sparkly accents!  Very Jem-like … "truly outrageous."

Update at 8:40 p.m.: I loved that two of my all-time favorite actors were presenters: Sophia Loren and Robert DeNiro.  By the way, how gorgeous is the Princess Bride looking these days?!  Robin Wright Penn was sitting in the front next to her nominated husband, and I have to say that she looks as good as she ever did.  Go Buttercup!  Congrats to Kate Winslet and Sean Penn for their best actor wins!  Nice speech Mr. Penn!  Only one big award left …

Update on Monday night: Here’s the video of Hugh’s opening number for those of you who missed it.  Enjoy!

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