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Dollhouse: My Recap of “The Target”

February 22, 2009

Warning, do not read until you have watched the latest episode of Dollhouse, “The Target,” aired Dollhouse.poster.42/20/09!

It is no surprise that I loved this week’s episode of Dollhouse … it had flashbacks, and we all know how much I love those!  Hee.  Flashbacks were always my favorite parts of such shows as Lost, Veronica Mars, Angel, Buffy, Firefly (“Out of Gas”), etc .. and this show is no exception.  The mystery surrounding the Dollhouse increased, and we learned some interesting back-story.  In the tradition of  the best shows, the more we learn, the more questions arise.  Here are my thoughts:

  • I loved that we saw a little more of Agent Paul Ballard.  We saw him return to the scene of last week’s kidnapping crisis, and we learned that the little girl told him that “the pretty lady” saved her.  More fuel to the fire for Agent Ballard, despite the scoffing of the other agents–including Mark Sheppard (Badger from Firefly/ Romo Lampkin from Battlestar)!  Woo hoo–love Mark Sheppard!
  • Agent Ballard’s next door neighbor is adorable!  She is played by Miracle Laurie, and according to IMDB her character’s name is November.  It was so clear that she is in love with Paul, and it is so sweet.  Too bad he’s bound to become obsessed with Echo, and break November’s heart.
  • The bonding imprint between Echo and her handler Boyd was fascinating.  I loved how Echo turned the script around, and he was the one who had to trust her.  Very mind-blowing!  She went off-script, and there’s no way Boyd is going to tell anyone at the Dollhouse.  Very interesting …
  • Alpha!  The flashback of the first doll going berserk was creepy!  We never actually saw his face, or saw him cutting up those people, but I think that added to the creep factor.  I hope that they keep him a mystery for awhile.  Why did he leave Echo alive in the shower, when he killed the rest of the dolls in there?  Why is he sending pictures of Caroline to Agent Ballard?  Did he have anything to do with the psycho hunter guy bypassing Dollhouse security?  Why did he kill psycho hunter guy’s employee?  Was it to cover up his role in this?  Or to save Echo?  Basically, is he protecting Echo, or trying to kill her?
  • Dr. Claire Saunders (the fabulous Amy Acker):  We learned that Alpha was the one who cut up her face and gave her those scars.  Why didn’t he kill her like the others?  Why did the powers that be at the Dollhouse tell her that Alpha was dead, when he so clearly is NOT?  What will Dr. Saunders do now that she knows he’s alive?  Did she perhaps aid in his escape?  Probably not, as she looked truly terrified to learn that he was alive, but it’s an interesting notion …
  • Clearly, Alpha was able to access multiple imprints, even after they had been erased.  It seems that this is starting to happen to Echo too.  Not only did she remember her real self and previous imprints when she was out on an engagement, but now she has begun remembering imprints in her doll-like state.  That last shot of “shoulder to the wheel” was a great way to end the episode.  Hmmm.  Looks like she is not “empty” after all, and that it is a lot harder to erase a human personality/ soul than the scientists of the Dollhouse think …
  • Oh, and that jerk Laurence Dominic’s speech to Echo was hard to watch.  He has now replaced Topher as my least favorite character.  However, he introduced a juicy tidbit for the fans: “the Attic.”  Perhaps the dolls don’t really go free after their terms are up … perhaps they are sent to the “the Attic.”  Creepy and  mysterious …
  • Oh, and I almost forgot … Topher drinks juice-boxes!  Hee.  That almost make me like him.

Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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