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Battlestar meets Days of Our Lives … YUCK!

February 25, 2009

Warning: Do not read this entry unless you have watched the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica, ellen_tigh_1“Deadlock,” aired on 2/20/09!

I love BSG, I really do, but last Friday’s episode was a real disappointment.  Maybe after future viewings I will feel differently, but I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after this episode.  Last week I waxed poetic about Ellen Tigh and what an awesome cylon she is, but her return to Galactica and reunion with Tigh was not what I hoped.  It started out promisingly enough … everyone was shocked, they threw Boomer in the brig, there was a great shot of Chief longingly/ sadly glancing at Boomer (I am so on that train, btw), etc.  Then Tigh and Ellen had sex, and that was fine and understandable given the fact that they’re soul-mates of multiple centuries, but I did NOT like the baby mama drama that ensued.  I have a limit for such nonsense, and BSG surpassed it this week.  I don’t blame Ellen, although the writers tried their hardest to make us hate her again.  Ellen has a free pass now that we have learned how BA she is — letting her husband kill her, and creating all the other cylons (I mean, come on! Who knew she was such a genius?!) — but Tigh … Tigh, Tigh, Tigh … I am so disappointed in him.  After the experiences on New Craprica, post eye-patch, Saul Tigh has become one of my favorite characters, but then he had to go and hook up Caprica 6 … while seeing visions of the wife he killed! 
That was disturbing enough, but then Caprica 6 got pregnant … a pointless storyline. From season 1, we have known that Hera is the “shape of things to come,” so none of the other babies can possibly be as special as her.  I means she cures cancer!  And she’s adorable!  There was no way that Caprica 6’s pregnancy was going to come to term, I mean, this is Battlestar … not 7th Heaven.  We don’t have happy fuzzy puppy smiley moments on this show.  Chief and Cally get married?  Well, guess what, Chief’s a cylon, and Callie tries to kill herself, and then gets thrown out of an airlock by evil cylon Tory.  Oh yeah, and then it turns out that Chief never even loved Callie, and that Callie had an afffair with Hot Dog so Chief isn’t even Nicky’s dad.  That is the show we are dealing with people!  No way Caprica 6 and Saul were gonna have a healthy little baby and a happy family.
Which brings me to my main gripe.  The back and forth between Ellen and Caprica 6 was just so tired and predictable–this is not Melrose Place or Desperate Housewives, it’s Battlestar.  I just expect better.  Then to top it all off, it turns out that Saul Tigh would choose to be with William Adama over Ellen, his soul mate of millenia.  Not only that, he cares about William Adama more than the mother of his child, and more than his actual child.   What?!?  So, under no circumstances will he leave Adama? …  Except for last season he totally left Galactica AND ADAMA for New Craprica to be with his wife!  Continuity people!  That’s just taking the bromance that I have loved to an unrealistic, annoying, and unhealthily obsessive level.  The accusation in Ellen’s voice when she explains that Saul only really cares about Bill Adama was just … I don’t even know how to describe it … incredibly contrived? Not emotionally resonant? Unbelievable? Why did it have to be constructed as a choice between three options anyways?  It was a false dilemma.  Whatever.

Update on 2/26/09: On further consideration, I think that I have figured out why this whole plot-line has frustrated me.  BSG is a show without the normal gender discrimination–women are bad ass viper pilots, there’s a woman president, a female admiral (albeit a psycho one), etc.  As female characters on television go, you can’t get much better than Starbuck and Laura Roslyn.  The bathrooms and sleeping quarters of the military are even co-ed.  This treatment of gender, in which it is not even an issue, is one of the things that I love most about the show.  However, with this whole Ellen-Tigh-Caprica 6 and baby-Adama love quadrangle, the women have taken on the charactaristics of 2 dimensional soap opera divas.  “He’s mine!”  “No, he’s mine!”  Anyways, just wanted to add that clarification.

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