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Lost: “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

February 27, 2009

Locke orange

Warning: Do not read this if you have not watched the latest episode of Lost, aired 2/25/09!
Here is my live-blog of this episode, edited with comments.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • The episode opens on the new characters from the plane: a man and a woman (Caesar and Ilana).  They discuss the discovery of a man wearing a suit in the water.  They don’t recognize him from the plane.  It’s Locke!  Saw that coming from a mile away, but still awesome. The woman introduces herself as Ilana.  We see the boats (from the previous episode), and Ilana says that they are not their boats.  The pilot (Frank) took one of the three boats.  Locke doesn’t seem to really care about any of this drama, as he is so happy to be back on the island.  He eats a mango and looks to be really enjoying it.  I want a mango.  Ilana tells Locke that nobody remembers him being on the plane.  She wonders why he is dressed so nice.  For his funeral of course … silly lady.  Locke doesn’t remember getting on the plane, as he was DEAD, but he does remembers dying. 
  • Flashback: Locke leaves the island and says goodbye to christian Shephard.  Locke wakes up in Tunisia, much like Ben did last season.  A bunch of guys in a truck kidnap him.  He wonders where he is.  He wakes up with a cast, with Charles Widmore sitting next to him.  Widmore remembers Locke from the island, when he was 17!  Oh the craziness of time travel … Widmore asks how long it has been for him.  Widmore says that he was afraid that Benjamin might trick Locke into leaving the island, like he did to him!    Locke says that he wasn’t exiled, he chose to leave.  Widmore asks “Why would you do that?” But then he proceeds to answer his own question: “You’ve come to bring them back, the ones who left?  Your friends who came back have been back for three years.”  Locke is somewhat surprised by this.  Widmore says that he’s going to do everything in his power to help John.  He says that there’s a war coming, and that the wrong side will win, if Locke doesn’t get back to the island.  So who is on whose side?  The only thing we can say concretely is that Ben and Widmore are on opposing sides … but who are the good guys?  Hmmm.  Very interesting …
  • Widmore introduces Locke to Abaddon, who will be his driver for this episode.  Hmmm.  Locke goes to Santo Domingo.  The camera pans to people building something.  Then we get a shot of Sayid.  He’s working for a habitat for humanity type group.   Locke is in his wheelchair and smiles at Sayid.  Sayid can’t belive what he’s hearing.  He says that he is not going back.  He is convinced that Ben is manipulating everyone, but Locke claims to be free from Ben’s influence.  Yeah right.   Convinced that everyone is manipulated by someone, Sayid wonders who exactly is manipulating Locke.  So many people that I’ve lost count, would be my answer.   Locke of course has not really realized what a pawn he is yet.  Sayid tells John about marrying Nadia and having the best nine months of his life.   That makes me sad again.  So sad.
  • Locke then goes to New York, to see Walt.  Hurrah, the show remember about Walt!  Locke and Walt have a very sweet moment!!!!  Nevertheless, he is not able to convince the boy to return to the island.  Not too surprising for a teenager, whose dad went crazy because of the island.  My only wonder is how Walt remained unscathed and normal.  What about all of his crazy powers?!?  Locke is 0 for 2, which Abaddon very clearly points out; but Locke claims that he only has to convince one and the rest will follow.  Guess he was right … but unfortunately Jack doesn’t get convinced until it is too late.
  • Locke goes and sees Hurley and Hurley thinks that he’s a ghost!  A hilarious scene ensues.  Locke: “Hugo I’m not dead!” Hee.  Locke tells Hurley that he has to go back to the island, and everyone else too.  Hurley sees Abaddon creepily standing in the background.  When he points him out, Locke assures Hurley that Abaddon is “o.k.” and is with him.  Hurley: “He’s far from o.k.  That dude, he’s evil!” Hee.  I’m so glad that we have Hurley to bring the humor on this depressing story.
  • Locke returns to the car, and Abaddon reprimands Locke for his failure. Abaddon reminds Locke and the audience that he was an orderly in the hospital after Locke’s surgery.  I guess Locke was in denial about that?  But he is not skeeved out by all the other crazy things he’s spouting.  Hmm.  Abaddon spins some vague crap about being someone who helps people get to where they need to be …
  • Cut to Locke visiting Kate.  She says no.  Locke asks, “Why? Don’t you care about them?”  Locke of course knows that poor Sawyer is still deeply in love with Kate.  Kate kind of turns super-bitch, and tells Locke that she thinks she has him figured out … that he didn’t love anybody and that’s why he wanted to stay on the island.  Locke tells Kate about Helen.  Oh, poor Helen.  Kate asks what happened, and Locke replies that he was “angry and obsessed.”  Kate snarks,  “And look how far you’ve come?”  Geez, since when did she have such an attitude towards Locke?!  Oh wait, I forgot that her character has no stability or continuity, and that the writers write her differently every episode.  One moment she’s a fugitive, then we learn about her white trash abusive bacground, then she’s all prissy and holier than thou.  “I love Sawyer … no wait, I love Jack … no wait, everthing is about my son!”  I am so over Kate and her wishy-washy love, and constant whining and crying about her fake son, and bitching about everything else … Wow, I didn’t realize how much I have grown to dislike her character.  Evangeline Lilly is a gorgeous and talented actress, but I am over Kate Austen. She is just no longer sympathetic or relatable.
  • Thescene above sparks Locke to question Abaddon about where Helen iscut to graveyard.  She died of a brain aneurism.  Locke laments that she loved him, and if had just … they could have been together.   More fuel to the fire of Locke’s tragic life.  Poor guy.  Abaddon says that Helen is where she’s supposed to be, but that Locke’s path leads him back to the island.  Cue gun-shot, and Abbadon is killed.  Ben is the one behind this, perhaps? Locke drives away,  and gets into a car accident.
  • By an awesome coincidence (or as Locke would say, fate), Jack is the doctor at the hospital where Locke is brought. Perfect Lost twist!  Jack is sick of hearing about fate and destiny.  He’s not the only one.  Locke says the accident wasn’t an accident, and that someone was trying to kill him.  Just because he’s paranoid, does not make him wrong.  I blame Ben, although that’s always a safe bet.  Locke tells Jack that his father says “hi.”  Jack says that his father is dead.  They argue.  Long story short, Jack refuses to believe Locke, as usual.  Locke gets frustrated, and Jack gets angry.  Jack makes his “crying in the woods” face when he thinks about his dad.  Oh, the daddy issues on this show.
  • Cut to Locke alone in his dingy motel room.  He puts up a noose made out of an extension cord, planning to kill himself, but just when he’s about to jump off the desk Ben walks in.  Ben tells him to stop.  Locke freaks and demands to know what Ben wants from him.  Ben admits to killing Abaddon.  Ben says that Widmore used Locke, and that Widmore is the reason he moved the island.  At this point, I thought that Ben was telling him not to kill himself, so that he would … using a little reverse logic.  Locke says that he’s a failure, and Ben says, “Jack booked a ticket.  Whatever you said to him it worked.  And if you’ve got Jack, you can get the rest of them.”  Ben puts his hand out, begging Locke to come down.  Locke cries.  He tells Ben that Jin made him promise not to tell Sun he was alive.  Locke thanks Ben for helping him (a bit prematurely as we will see), and Ben says that he knows they can do this together.  Locke says that there’s a woman here in L.A. named Eloise Hawking.  Ben gets very attentive, and asks if he’s sure.  Locke asks if he knows her.  Ben: “Yes John I know her. ”  Said very creepily, I might add.  Cue the strangulation!  Ben murdered Locke!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought that he was just going to convince Locke to kill himself, but no, he actually murdered him!  Well, I guess that Ben wasn’t lying when he told Jack that he didn’t know that Locke had killed himself.  It seems that Ms. Hawking was the only one who knew how to return to the island, and Ben needed her contact information? So that’s why he was pretending to help Locke?  I’m confused.  There’s definitely more to this that we need to find out before this starts making sense.
  • Back to Locke on the island.  Ilana mentions some injured passengers.  Ben is revealed as one of them.  Locke identifies Ben as the man who killed him.  The question is, what will Locke do now that he is reunited with his killer?  Hmmmm.  Oh yeah, and a million other questions …
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