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Lost: “LaFleur …

March 6, 2009

… James LaFleur. “What? It’s Creole … I had to think fast.” Love it.Sawyer reading
Warning: As always, do not read this until you have watched the latest Lost episode, “LaFleur,” aired 3/04/09!

Here is my live-blog, edited with comments:

  • At first I thought it was a re-run because of how long the previously ran on/ how much of the episode from 2 weeks ago was shown. Seriously, I panicked. I had to check to make sure it was a new episode.
  • We saw the big statue before it was ruined, for like a second. Now that ‘s all everyone on line can talk about. Frankly, I don’t really care. It’s just the producers messing with us. The episode begins with Sawyer still holding the rope from the well–I guess he’s been holding that rope for a while. Poor Sawyer tries to save Locke, but the well is covered up. The losties realize that the headaches and nose bleeds are gone. Juliette: “I think it’s over. I think John did it.” Thank god, because those flashes were stressful. The group wonders, “what now?” Sawyer: “Now we wait for him to come back. For how long? Sawyer: “For as long as it takes.”
  • Cut to “Three Years later”!!! It’s totally the 70s and we see 3 Dharma employees in a hatch. I didn’t catch which one. Herc from FNL is one of the Dharma people, and he and his co-worker spot another Dharma guy on the t.v. monitor, lighting a stick of dynamite. They say: “We’ve gotta get LaFleur.” They run into Othersville and argue over who will knock. I’m guessing LaFleur will not be happy to be woken up. The door opens, but we don’t see who it is yet. The two guys tell LaFleur that there’s a situation at the pylons. Then the big reveal: LaFleur is Sawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic Lost reveal. Love it.
  • Sawyer and Miles go out to get drunk Horace from the Pylons. Hmmm. I’m surprised Miles has lasted so long. The guys brings Horace (who we have met before–check out this link) to the guy’s wife, who is Michelle Dessler from 24. Love that actress. She’s super pregnant. I hope she doesn’t die.
  • Cut to “3 years earlier” (there will be a lot of that in this episode): Faraday is talking about his dead mom, but I’m confused. Why does he still have the time travel sickness? Or is he just grieving for Charlotte and thus having a mental breakdown? I will have to re-watch this entire season to understand what’s going on. Faraday points out: “Whenever we are now, we’re here for good.” What a ray of sunshine he is. Sawyer wants to head back to the beach. Miles reminds him about the flaming arrows. Miles complains about the same 2 plans–“Let’s go to the beach” and “We have to get to the Orchid.” It’s a HI-larious exchange. Sawyer is offended, and yells: “If you don’t like the plan, good luck!” Juliette defends Sawyer’s plan to Miles, and Sawyer thanks her. Juliette clarifies: “You should thank me. It was a stupid idea.” Hee. Gunshots. They hear someone screaming. Someone is being captured by the others. There is a burlap bag over her head. Sawyer looks a little guilty at seeing this, hearkening back to season 1 or 2 when he and Charlie pulled of the Long Con. Faraday says, “It doesn’t matter what we do. Whatever happened, happened.” Sawyer: “Thanks , Plato.” That definitely goes down as one of my favorite nicknames. And again, Faraday– a ray of sunshine. Juliette shoots one of the Others, and Sawyer shots the other Other. Oh no, we’re back to that again. It’s hard to recap scenes with the Others. The burlap bag is removed, and the captive is revealed to be Horace’s pretty wife. Although at this point she is newly widowed–her husband Paul is on the ground nearby, a victim of the Others. Juliette figures that they’re in the 70s or 80s because of the Dharma jumpsuits. Amy says that they have to bury them, and they have to bring Paul back home. “Please.” Jin, being the compassionate man that he is, says that he will carry him. Amy reveals that the burial is necessary because of the Truce. Great, the Losties have only been in the 70s for a few minutes and already they are ruining things. They are worried about what they will tell the Dharma people, but Sawyer steps up with a story: “I’m a professional. I used to lie for a living. ” Hee. After burying the Others, the group approaches the pylons. Juliette says to turn it off. This makes Amy suspicious, because if they just arrived on the island how do they know what the pylons do. They seem to convince Amy to turn them off, but she’s a lying liar who lies, so it’s really on. Amy had ear plugs in , so she’s not affected, but the rest drop to the ground in pain.
  • Flash to” 3 years later” with Amy pregnant. Her baby is breached. Sawyer runs off to get Juliette. Who is now a mechanic!? Sawyer tells her the deal. Sawyer is all HOPE and OPTIMISM, so from now on I will call him LaFleur, as he is a changed man. LaFleur says, “Maybe what made that happen hasn’t happened yet.” Awww. 3 years without Kate and he sees the brighter side of life. The Dharma doctor is not sold on having a mechanic deliver Amy’s baby, but Amy wants her to do it, so that’s that. LaFleur tells Juliette that she’s gonna do great, and steps outside. He’s a changed man and all, but that doesn’t mean he wants to watch childbirth. I can relate to that. Jin walks up. LaFleur asks: “Any luck?” Jin: “How long do we look James?” LaFleur: “As long as it takes.” Again, aaawwww. Juliette comes out, following the quickest delivery ever. The baby and the mom are o.k.! So I guess LaFleur was right about the fact that whatever caused pregnancies to be fatal on the island has not happened yet. I’m going to take a leap and say that Ben will be the one to mess things up in the future.
  • “3 Years Earlier”: Sawyer is questioned by Horace. Dharma is going to send the losties back to Tahiti by submarine. “The only people that are allowed to stay on this compound are members of the Dharma initiative. And I’m sorry to have to say this, but you’re not Dharma Initiave material.” Hee. Jin: “Daniel, no more flash? Faraday says no. All of a sudden a red-haired little girl runs by. She is SO Charlotte! Juliette asks: “Mr. LaFleur?” “It’s Creole. I improvised.” Hee. An alarm sounds. People running. Hurray! It’s Richard. Juliette flinches, and Sawyer says uh oh. Hee. It is established that Horace Goodspeed knows Richard Alpert, and the 2 men parlay. Richard says that they have broken the truce, and asks where his two men are? LaFleur: “Your buddy out there with the eyeliner, let me talk to him.” Great wink to the fans, writers! While Damon and Carlton insist that Nestor Carbonel does not wear eyeliner, we have been referring to him as the eyeliner guy for years. Juliette asks him if he’s sure he knows what he’s doing. LaFleur: “Not yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.” He spins a story worthy of the great confidence man he is–complete some elements of truth, such as time travel. “Ain’t my people hoss, so the truce hasn’t been broken. Did you bury the bomb? Yeah, I know about that.” He reminds Richard of the bald guy who walked into the camp. Eyeliner believes him, but says that his people need justice. He needs to take Paul’s body back, in order to keep the truce. Horace asks Amy if this is o.k., and she says that they can take him. “He would want to keep us safe.” She asks for a minute. Paul is wearing an ankh necklace–the Egyptian symbol of eternal life. Amy removes the necklace. Significant? Horace is also the name of an Egyptian god.  Hmmm. Horace lets LaFleur and the other losties stay and look for their crew for two weeks. Juliette points out that they are already saved, they don’t need to wait for Locke. Good point. Juliette is really proving to be the most logical Lostie. LaFleur points out that it’s 1974, and whatever she thinks she’s going back to doesn’t exist yet. Also a good point. Aaawww, Sawyer doesn’t want her to go. He gets her to agree to two weeks. Some major fiery sparkage ensues. The are SO falling in love.
  • “3 Years Later”: The camera pans over Dharma merlot and a home-cooked meal. Yep, Juliette and LaFleur live together. He brings her a flower. I might pass out right now. It seems like things on the island were a lot happier in the 70s. I hope Locke and Kate don’t ruin it. Juliette and LaFleur tell each other: “I love you.” Aaaawwww. Let’s just hope this doesn’t end tragically
  • Commercial for Nathan Fillion’s Castle! It premieres Monday, March 9th at 10pm on ABC.
  • LaFleur is reading. He has new glasses. I like them. Horace wakes up from his drunken stupor. Sawyer tells him that he’s a daddy. It’s a boy. “Why don’t you tell me why you’re too busy drinking and blowing up trees to see him be born?” Again, could we love Sawyer more? Sigh. Horace asks if 3 years is long enough to get over someone. Anvil, much. Real subtle there. LaFleur opens up (WHO IS HE????), and he says that it absolutely is. Thank god, because I’m so over that damn Kate-Jack-Sawyer triangle. Uh oh, I may have spoken too soon. The phone rings. It’s Jin, and we know what that means. LaFleur runs off without explaining to Juliette. Bad move LaFleur, I may have to go back to calling you Sawyer. Sawyer drives out to meet Jin. Hurley, Jack and Kate get out of the Dharma van. The emotional score plays as Kate is revealed. Blech. I don’t want her to mess things up for my new favorite couple.
  • I give the episode an A.  Let me know your thoughts below.  Next week looks stressful.
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