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“Wrapping everything up with a pretty bow made out of questions…”

March 6, 2009

Check out the link below for a great interview with my favorite T.V. genius, Joss Whedon.  Here are some snippets:
Hulu Blog Dollhouse’s Joss Whedon Answers Your Questions

"Dude, Summer Glau is a Terminator. Summer Glau is a Terminator! My work on Earth is done."

"Honey, it’s all stress. I’m defined by stress. I’m on the ten best stressed list. The rewards are different — movies are big and intense, TV is long and deep, internet is tiny and personal and mine all mine — but all worth pursuing. I’m a media agnostic. If it’s stories, I’ll brave the stress."

"As the series progresses, I think you’ll see that there’s a great deal more to Echo than who she is that week. And the evolution of the people around her is going to be equally important, and therefore equally twisted. In some ways, this premise allows for radical character shifts that usually require a few seasons and/or an alternate dimension. But it’s all to a purpose — we don’t just randomly throw things out there. More I cannot say. Keep watching! That means you, all of America!"

On the new challenges that Dollhouse presents: "This reality thing is a bitch. You gotta obey the laws of physics. I didn’t take physics. I want my alternate realities! And more horses.  Actually, the human brain is the most surreal landscape I’ve ever walked through. Though this does try to be more grounded, in some ways this show has license to be crazier than anything I’ve done."

"I’m cutting the last eps of Dollhouse right now and I’m sorry, but I’m in Heaven. Scary, crazy Heaven."

"I’m doing what I did every year on Buffy — wrapping everything up with a pretty bow made of questions."

"The West fascinates me because it’s the creation of culture and morality out off nothing but remnants. But it lacks spaceships! Solution: Firefly."

Does your significantly large fan base ever scare you a little bit? Will you use us to rule the world? — Amanda
"No, but we will be invading Rhode Island. DON’T TELL RHODE ISLAND."

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