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Dollhouse: “True Believer”

March 14, 2009

Dollhouse poster.2

If you missed episode 5 of Dollhouse, check out this link to watch: Fox on Demand Once you are caught up, check out my thoughts below:

  • “Man reaction” Hilarious!!!
  • “Did you put that in one of those reports? Because no one reads those.”  Hee.
  • Laurence Dominic is the biggest jerk of all jerks, but that ATF (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms–yeah, I looked it up) guy gave him a run for his money.  Why does everyone want to kill poor Echo?!? Hate.Them.
  • The creepy cult guy is very familiar to me–you can check him out on IMDB to see why.  While very creepy, he also has gorgeous eyes.  Sorry, I’m just being honest.
  • Mellie with the manicotti … again.  Poor girl.  IMDB lists her as Mellie now, not as November, so maybe the powers that be changed their minds about her being a doll?  We’ll see.
  • Victor + Sierra forever.  They’re adorable.
  • Again, Laurence Dominic is an ass.  Hate him.
  • How dumb are those police people (ATF)?!? They tripped the security wire surrounding the cult camp?!? Really?!!??  Idiots.
  • On a lighter note, Tahmoh walks just like Helo when he’s playing Paul–watch carefully and you’ll see his little flight suit strut.   Also, anytime the camera catches Helo/ Paul next to his co-workers it is hilarious because he is just the tallest thing.  Adorable.
  • Langton is clearly smarter than everyone else and should be running all law enforcement agencies, the Dollhouse, and perhaps the world.  Love him. If they kill him off I will be pissed!
  • Go Esther! “God brought me here.  He has a message for you … and that message is ‘Move your ass!'” Hee.
  • Hate Dominic even more than I thought! I can’t believe that he flew all the way there to kill Echo!  Langton rescues her though, so yay!  Then that ATF jerk –what an asshole.  More evidence of the cheery world-view of the Whedonverse.  People are mostly crap, indeed.
  • Poor Tahmoh, a day late and a dollar short–Paul is very Helo-like sometimes.  Poor thing.
  • “I see perfectly,” Echo states as she gives Dominic a suspiciously hateful look.  He better watch out.
  • The preview for next week’s episode, “The Man on the Street,” looks very exciting.  Echo and Helo … I mean Paul … finally meet up.  Woo hoo!

I’d love to read your comments below! What did you think?

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