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It’s the Frakin’ Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

March 20, 2009


Warning: Spoilers for the final BSG episode, aired 3/20/09!

I was grading papers all day, so my reward is to sit back and enjoy the last two hours of Battlestar.  Yes, we have the t.v. movie coming up down the road, and the prequel series Caprica, but BSG the show is over tonight.  Sigh.  Here are my thoughts on those final two hours, in the form of a live-blog:

  • I got a little teary-eyed when Doc Coddle (Cottle?) and Roslyn said their goodbyes.  Love the doc!
  • It was fun to see Baltar have another vision of head 6, in the original red dress no less.  I’m not sure how I feel about his choice to stay on the ship though.  Hmmm.
  • What?!? The corporeal Caprica 6 and Baltar kiss!  Later, head 6 and head Baltar appear … “You see them?!?”  Dun dun dun.
  • OMG, Boomer just snapped Simon’s neck! She has decided to rescue Hera! Woo hoo.
  • By the way, Tahmoh (Helo/ Paul Ballard) is on two channels right now–shouldn’t the t.v. short circuit or something?!?!
  • Boomer carries Hera to Athena. “Tell the old man I owed him one … we all make our choices, I think this is my last one.”
  • Starbuck: “Can we not tell her the plan?”  Love her!
  • What was the point of Laura’s flash back about dating her student?
  • There was a little too much CGI-looking CGI–don’t like that.
  • I don’t like drunk or crying Adama, so can they stop doing that please? It’s just icky–it’s like seeing your dad being a drunk asshole and dissolving into tears.  Just no.
  • Starbuck and Apollo drunk in the flashback were adorable. “Time for shots!” She reminds me of someone I know …
  • Oh, I forgot to mention: Admiral Hoshi and President Lampkin.  No. I’m just not buying that.  It is so the poor man’s fleet.  It’s sad that those were the choices, and a bit (or a lot) unbelievable.  Whatever
  • O.k., more shooting, yay!
  • What is up with Apollo’s hair? I didn’t think it could get worse than his politician hair, but I was wrong.
  • Oh no, Doral!  Evil used-car-salesman-cylon just shot my beloved Helo! Hera chooses that moment to run away.  Helo, being the man he is, urges his wife to follow her, rather than keeping pressure on his wound to stop him from DYING! Don’t do this to me Battlestar.
  • It looks like there may be a point to the opera house visions after all!  Yay for not dropping that plot-line!  Roslyn, Athena, Baltar and6 all find Hera in real life, just like in the vision!
  • “I see angels … now I may be mad, but that doesn’t mean I’m not right.”  Hee.  O.K., that’s enough speech-making, shut up Baltar.
  • Saul and Cavil cut a deal–resurrection technology for Hera.  Hmmm.  I don’t trust Cavil, but I guess it’s a good plan.  Break the cycle and all that.
  • Athena is finally reunited with her daughter! What about Helo?  Was that his death scene before?!? Rip-off.
  • Cavil: “I don’t mean to rush you, you’re only keeping two civilizations waiting!”  Hee.
  • The final five are going to combine their brains to access the knowledge about resurrection technology.  Uh oh, Tory makes a very anvilicious speach about not blaming each other for the secrets they are about to learn–Chief is so going to kill Tory!  …. wait for it … and I’m right.  Frak.  The alliance is shot to hell.
  • More piano man action for Starbuck.  Which reminds me, why isn’t Starbuck the “key to humanity” since her dad is Daniel the last cylon? I bet Simon would have loved to get his hands on her.
  • More Lee and Kara taking shots.  Love it.  Hmmm.  Perhaps Kara will sacrifice herself to save the ship, so that she will not be forgotten.
  • O.k., the battlestar is LITERALLY falling apart right now.  This is not good.
  • So who is going to punch Chief first?
  • Frak. Is that the real Earth!?
  • “You’ve got a one-track mind Doctor … You’ve also got no sense of humor.”  Hee.
  • Lee wants to start over, with no technology.  “Let’s start anew.”  Cheesy.
  • The official theme of this ending is “breaking the cycle of violence.”  Nice.  Now it makes more sense why this ep was screened at the UN this week.
  • Kara throws her tags into Anders’ tub of goo.  Saying goodbye …
  • Chief has been so scarred by his crappy life that he’s gonna go off to an island and live out the remainder of his days alone.  No one cares that he killed Tory.  I guess one thing everyone can agree on is that Tory sucks … and that murder is o.k. if she’s the victim?!!!!  Sad.  I guess along with primitive technology, humanity is going back to “eye for an eye.”  What happened to breaking the cycle of violence?
  • O.k., I got a little teary during Starbuck and Adama’s goodbye.  Where is he going by the way?
  • Stop whining already Lee.
  • Starbuck is “done here.”  What? Hello, she just got there.  Crazy talk.  This show tends to get a little too artsy and cheesy sometimes with the “I’m done with my journey”s and such.  O.K., Kara just disapeared.  I guess she was an Angel/ head character.  Ummm.  I don’t know about this.
  • O.K., so sleeping with her former student was what pushed Roslyn to join Adar’s campaign?  What?!?
  • Farewell Madame President.  You’ve been dying for 4 seasons, and they waited until the last few moments to kill you.  That just shows how awesome Mary McDonnell is.  So Adama is going to go off and build his cabin in the woods and live all alone.  Great plan.  Why not return to your son and the other 30,000 humans or so?
  • We end with a procession of humans and cylons, walking across the plain.  Hurrah!  Helo is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!  I totally change my rating for the way the series ends.  My verdict had ben “eh,” but not anymore.  The happy little toaster-human family is reunited.  Yay!
  • Head 6 and Head Baltar return to real (?) 6 and Baltar. The head characters tell the other two that they have fulfilled God’s plan.   “I think it’s safe to say that from now on, your lives will be less … eventful.”  Hee.
  • Cut to Baltar and 6 on Caprica before the genocide.  “The things men do for love.”  Back in the present, Baltar is going to be a farmer now, just like his dad.
  • Adama sits on some rocks, talking to his dead girlfriend.  Farewell Adama.  You’ve kind of sucked lately, but I will try to remember you from your awesome days.
  • 150,000 years later.  It’s our earth and our time I think.  Hera is Eve!!!  Ron Moore is reading a paper at the stand. Head 6 and Head Baltar are angels of  God and are still around messing in everyone’s business.  Montage of robots.  Hmmmm.  6 says something about the possibility of something surprising happening.  6 and Baltar strut off.  The end.

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