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“Man on the Street”: Best Episode of Dollhouse Yet!

March 21, 2009

If you missed last night’s ep, aired 3/20/09, click on one of the links below to watch:Dollhouse poster.2
Fox on Demand

If you haven’t watched the ep yet, hold off reading this post.  For those of you who have watched, read on.

First, I would just like to note that Tahmoh Penniket was on 2 channels last night, at the same time.  I can’t believe that my television did not explode.  To catch my thoughts on his last turn as Helo last night, read my BSG post; but Paul Ballard is not too shabby either ;D  I really liked that we got to see more of Agent Ballard.  He is definitely a bit damaged.  A bit more of a bad-ass than Helo, and he can take care of himself.  I loved his colleague’s comment: “Getting shot didn’t even make you pause, did it?”  Also, the “Vulcan death grip” that he performed on Badger was hilarious.  As for his relationship with Mellie/ November (I was SO right, she’s a doll), it is too adorable for words.  However, I am a little bit fearful of where his obsession with Echo will take him.  It’s ironic that the woman he is sleeping with is also a “victim” of the dolllhouse. While he doesn’t know it, the fact is that Mellie/ November is programmed to be in love with him.  It’s all very tragic.  Knowing Joss, it will not end well.  It almost ended period for the gorgeous Mellie, but thankfully Adelle activated her over the phone.  Looks like the boss is holding out.  Weren’t activations over the phone deemed impossible by Topher?  My theory is that she is the inside man whom Echo mentioned to Paul at the end.  We shall see.  I really adore Adelle right now … and her fabulous outfits.
On the subject of characters I adore, Boyd rocks!!!  Again, he proved himself to be the smartest and most resourceful character, and manages to save the day, again.  He has so much integrity, without being annoyingly self-righteous.  The storyline with Sierra and her icky handler was super disturbing, and was hard to watch.  My heart just broke for Sierra, crying in bed (pods? really?) at night.  It was also heartbreaking how Victor was blamed: “I did something bad.” “What did you do?” “No one will tell me … Why did Sierra scream at me?”  And then to learn that someone with such power over Sierra was abusing her was just awful.  Thank goodness Boyd figured it out.  What would the Dollhouse do without him?  Answer: it would suck. Adelle was also pretty awesome in response to this incident.  She’s hardcore.  A little Lilah-esque, but perhaps a better person at heart than my beloved Wolfram & Hart baddie.
Echo’s first engagement of the episode, with the internet mogul, was sort of touching.  Yes, there was some hilarity: “Is this a porn man?”  Hee.  But mostly it was just sad.  The poor man engages an active to act like his wife once a year, just to see the happy reaction on her face; a reaction that he could never see because a car accident killed the poor woman.  While Ballard calls him a predator, I think things are a bit more grey.  Hmmm.
Last but not least, Echo and Paul meet up.  Wow!  What a twist!  I will say again, I think Adelle is the person inside.  Echo states, “That’s the Dollhouse’s business, but it’s not its purpose.”  Hmmm.  What does that mean?  Plus, there are 20 dollhouses around the world.  The dollhouse is a lot bigger than we thought (It kind of reminded me of that moment in Alias when Vaughn tells Sydney how big SD-7(?) really was).  And poor Ballard is out a job.  What will his next move be?  What will Mellie do?  How much more can I love them both?  We will have to wait and see.
I’m sure that I missed a bunch of stuff, so be sure to comment below.

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