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Lost: “Namaste”

March 21, 2009

Warning: Spoilers for the Lost episode "Namaste," aired 3/18/09!

I didn’t have the energy to do a live-blog this week, with all my papers, but I can’t ignore Lost whatever my schedule.  Here are a few of my thoughts on the latest episode:

  • Ethan is the baby that Juliet delivered–Horace and Amy’s son!  
  • 11 year old Ben!!! Wow.  Ben and Sayid meeting up was intense.  Will Sayid try to kill the young Ben?  Or will Ben be influenced to good?  What about Sayid?  He is imprisoned as a Hostile, but will he escape?  How far will Sawyer take the charade with the Dharma people?
  • Where’s Daniel Fariday?  I want to know!
  • Poor Jack is just so out of control right now.  He has to do everything Sawyer says just to survive, and I think it’s hard for him not to call the shots.  And now he has to be the janitor?!  That said, I kind of loved Sawyer’s dressing down of the doc.  Jack is all like, "It looks like you’re kicking back and reading a book."  Sawyer: "I’m thinking.  That’s how I saved you today, and that’s how I’ll save us tomorrow."  I loved what he said about Churchill reading a book every night, and how that helps him think. Sawyer was pretty dead on when he said that when Jack was in charge he only reacted.  Jack couldn’t even deny it.  Sawyer’s leadership puts both Jack and Locke to shame. Which is crazy!  I can’t believe where this show has taken us!
  • I started to regret all my recent hatred of Kate in this episode.  I kind of felt sorry for  her in this ep, and started to wonder about what she had to do for Aaron.  What can I say, "I’m a marshmallow."

What did you all think?  Comment below.

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