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Lost: “He’s Our You”

March 26, 2009

Warning: Spoilers for the Lost Season 5 episode “He’s Our You,” aired 3/25/09!Sawyer reading

  • I so knew that Sayid was the little boy who was willing to kill the chicken … as he proves later.
  • 12-year-old-Ben tells Sayid about wanting to join the others. Ben sure was one creepy kid.
  • Cut to Sayid off-island, killing somebody.  This was during his smooth-hair-assassin days, when he was working for Ben. Mission accomplished, so Ben tells Sayid that he’s free–he killed everyone that posed a threat to his friends. Right, cause that was SO Ben’s agenda …
  • Horace goes to Sayid’s cell. Radsinski in the background.  I do not like Radsinski.  Horace fails to get Sayid to talk, and realizes that Sayid will take torture to break.
  • Sawyer and Juliet have a little moment.  Juliet: “It’s over isn’t it?” Sawyer:”So they’re back. Nothing’s changed … Hey, I’ve got this under control.”  Riiiiight … Horace walks in and is concerned. He wants Holden to have his way with Sayid.  That can NOT be good.  Sawyer agrees with me, and yells,That psycopath?”  Yep, Holden is not good news.  Sawyer determines to take his own try at getting Sayid to talk.  “Take your lunch Phil.”  Hee. Sawyer asks Sayid how he’s doing and he replies: “The 12 year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I’m doing?”  Hee.  Sawyer gets serious though, and gives Sayid an ultimatum: “Either you cooperate and join the party in Dharmaville, or you’re on your own.”  Sayid loves to be difficult, so he states, “I guess I’m on my own.”
  • Ben’s dad is a jerk–I won’t recap the details of his jerkitude, but it is extreme.
  • Dominican republic: Sayid is building houses, just like we saw him when Jeremy Bentham visited him.  This time, Ben shows up. He tells Sayid about the men waiting outside Hugo’s institution. Ben tells Sayid that he is a killer, that it is in his nature. Sayid lies and says it isn’t, that he doesn’t enjoy killing.  Could have fooled me smooth-haired-assassin. Ben apologizes, saying that he was mistaken. Hmph. He is not sorry, and he does not believe him … as well he shouldn’t.
  • Sawyer gives Sayid a last chance before tazering him. They drag him out into the jungle, to Holden’s teepee. Billie Holiday plays from a phonograph. Sayid asks, “Who is that man?”  Sawyer awesomely replies, “He’s our you.”  Best episode title ever.  Sayid is restrained and tied up to a tree. He’s told that the restraints are for his own protection, because of the side effects of the drug they’re giving him.
  • We then see that scene on the docks again, where Kate yells at everybody and Sayid tells Ben that he doesn’t want to see him again. There was some confusion at this point, but it is my understanding that the next scene took place that night, after Sayid left the docks.  Sayid goes to a bar to drown his sorrows, when a beautiful woman sits down beside him.  OMG, it’s Ilana, who will later bring him in handcuffs onto the Ajira Airlines flight.  Guess we know how this will end. Her accent sounds vaguely European, sort of like Michelle Pfeiffer as Countess Olenska in The Age of Innocence.
  • Back to the 70s: Holden questions the drug-addled Sayid: “Why were you in handcuffs?”  Sayid: “Because I am a bad man.Sayid tells them the truth about being on Ajira and the earlier trip to the island. He mentions Sawyer, but they don’t know who that is. “You’re all going to die, you know. You’re going to be killed.”  They ask how he knows this, and Sayid replies: “Because I am from the future.”  Holden thinks maybe he overdosed his subject: “Maybe I should use half a dropper. Oops.” Sayid assures them that they used the right amount, but luckily for him the truth is too outlandish to be believed.
  • Kate and Juliet clear the air. Then they watch as Sayid is brought back to Dharmaville. The Dharma people debate Sayid’s fate. Amy appeals to them to get rid of him for the sake of the children. Everyone but Sawyer raises their hands, and then Sawyer does too. Way to stand up against peer pressure Sawyer!
  • Back in L.A., Sayid and Ilana make out.  Then she kicks him in the face. She was hired to bring him to Guam (Yay, another Guam reference!). She’s a bounty hunter (or something to that effect), hired by the family of Sayid’s golf course victim, from last season.
  • Back in the 70s: Sawyer tries to help Sayid escape. Sawyer points out how royally screwed Sayid is: “Even the new mom wants you dead.” Hee.  Sayid says that he’s fine where he is. He says he knows his purpose. O.K.  Sawyer agrees with me, and tells him that he’s out of his mind and storms out. But then he turns around and goes to Kate. Maybe she can talk some sense into him? Uh oh, a flaming Dharma van drives into a house. Sawyer, Kate, and Jack rescue the Dharma people, and the house is on full fire. Sawyer takes time to blame Jack for the situation. Nice. Way to show your leadership skills La Fleur.  I think that Ben rigged the flaming bus in order to help Sayid escape, because in the next scene ben show up at Sayid’s cell.  Ben asks Sayid to take him to his people, and Sayid agrees. He says that’s why he’s here.  Uh oh.
  • Back in L.A., Sayid and Ilana go to airport. He sees Hurley and Kate and asks to take a later flight. Hee.  Best scene in the episode. Ilana is not having that though, and they get on the plane.  Then Ben walks on and he and Sayid creepily stare at each other. Maybe Sayid is the one who beat him up?  Although Desmond or Whidmore are other possibilities. Sayid asks if Ilana is working for Ben Linus. She aks why she would do that.  He says that he did.  Well, you’re not much of a role model, are you Sayid? Sayid accuses Ben of a number of crimes, including genocide.  I cry foul for the genocide accusation–the purge was a massacre at most.  If you want to talk genocide, read a history book … or watch Battlestar Galactica.
  • Back in the 70s: As Ben and Sayid are escaping, Jin drives up. Sayid tells him that Sawyer let him go, which is partly true.  Then Sayid punches him, and takes his gun.  Dun Dun Dun.  Will he shoot 12-year-old Ben?  And, suspense over in a second.  Sayid shoots young Ben: “You were right about me, I am a killer.” And at this point, I’m thinking the bullet has to be a blank or the gun has to fail to shoot, or Ben has to be wearing a metal breast plate … but no.  It actually works!!!  Ben is dead???!!!!  Wow! What does this meant for adult Ben? My theory is that adult-Ben is still alive.  I mean, past Locke died, but he is still alive in the present.  Perhaps the same will go for  Ben.  What with all the time travel etc., who knows.
  • Next week, things at Dharmaville fall apart. I predict that Sawyer will blame Jack for everything.
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