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Dollhouse: “Echoes”

March 28, 2009

Warning: Spoilers for Dollhouse episode 7, “Echoes,” aired 3/27/09!Dollhouse poster.2

This episode was HI-larious.  For Buffy/ Angel fans, it had echoes (hee! see what I did there?) of “Band Candy,” “Tabula Rasa,” and “Spin the Bottle.”  Fun, fun, fun.

  • The motorcycle guy from “Ghost” was in the previouslies, so it wasa strong hint that he’d be back. Hmmm. We’re also reminded about Dominic trying to kill Echo.  That will be hilariously relevant later.  What, murder attempts hilarious you say? Yes, in the Whedonverse they very much are.
  • We see a longer scene of Adelle making Caroline the offer.  Adelle: “Your life for your life.” Caroline: “Is that you talking, or the Rossum Company?”  Hmmm.  The plot thickens.  Adelle also mentions something to the effect that Caroline and Adelle have “been doing this dance for 2 years.” Wow.

  • Cut to a really creepy scene with three college kids … in the Rossum Building.  Dun dun dun.
  • Topher meets a guy from said Rossum Corp.  His response? “I might throw up. That’s a compliment.” Hee.  Clive whats-his-name updates us on what we already know.  There’s been an accident at the college. Topher gives a hilarious speech about drugs. Adelle and the client are not as amused as I am. They want Topher’s help to get antidote. Topher fills them with confidence regarding his contribution: “Well I can’t hurt … probably.” Side-note, Adelle’s hairdo in this ep is really making me think Jane Austen–of course, I always think Jane Austen when I see Olivia Williams since Ms. Austen Regrets.
  • Motorcycle-birthday guy is back, but Echo is a different personality–more prim and proper and innocent.
  • Paul is cooking breakfast for himself and Mellie. She wants to talk.  The talk does not go so well.  Paul: “I like taking care of you.” Mellie: “I think you’re dreamy. But in my dream now I’m stronger than you.”  Hee.  There’s some back and forth in which Paul wishes Hearn had 2 left feet, because then it would be easier to identify him. Hee. Mellie says that it’s blind luck that she’s not dead already, and that he should drop the case.  Paul’s silence in response to this demand is deafening. Mellie throws back his line about liking to take care of her in his face. Sad but true.
  • The dolls arrive at the school, in FBI style suits. Dominic acts like the jerk he is, but then Victor puts him in his place. Hee.  Love Topher for making Victor outrank Dominic.
  • Echo/ Allison conveniently sees the college incident news story on t.v. and runs out. She totally has memories from that school and lab. Hmmm.
  • Flashback to Caroline in the past. It seems that she was very into going to anti-war demonstrations.
  • Topher injects Mellie with the drug, to test her response.  This will have consequences later. Adelle:: “The Rossum Corporation is why we exist.”  Then she says something snotty (and most likely true) about how Clive couldn’t handle her job.  She could not be more right. Topher asks for a juice box. Love it.
  • Echo arrives at Rossum building. Victor finds her. She is clearly confused and they think she’s infected, so she gets herded off.
  • Topher tells Mellie that her brain rocks and gives her a high five. Love it … but that high five has consequences later. Boyd calls and he finds out what’s going on, and experiences the crazy first hand. Echo: “The t.v. made me come.” Hee. Echo decides that she has to go to the lab. The SEEMINGLY nice grad student Sam decides to help her. The ctor who plays Sam is very familiar–turns out he was Betty Applewhite’s son on Desperate Housewives. I think he dated Julie or something, and then turned out to be evil.  Hmmm. Typecast much? Boyd finds Echo and asks if she would like to have a treatment, and she says no. His goofy smile in response indicates that he’s infected!!!  Uh oh …
  • Caroline flashback: She talks about how evil Clive Ambrose is. “Whatever they say in those ads, the ends DON”T justify the means.” She and her boyfriend tell a group of like minded 20-somethings that they plan on breaking into the lab.  Way to be stealthy.
  • Dominic is bitter about having to answer to Victor. Uh oh, he’s been infected. Adelle is informed, and is concerned.  Hmmmm.  More than friends?  You could do better ice queen. Topher and Adelle realize that the drug is airborne. They discuss for a bit, and it took me awhile to realize they’re infected.  It wasn’t until the line about not understanding lentils.  Hee. Topher concludes the scene by inviting Adelle to visit his drawer of inapropriate starches (crazy code for hidden snackies).
  • Echo and Sam have a little scene.  This is where I started to hope that Sam wasn’t evil, but secretly know that he is.  Sam has a hilarious line: “O.k., you’re not overwhelming me with specificity.” Hee.
  • Back to Topher and Adelle: hilarity ensues. Adelle is bouncing in the background, while Topher is in his underwear on the phone. “I have another call. I have a better call.” It’s Boyd on the other line, and he plays the piano for them.
  • At the campus an infected woman recognizes Echo as Caroline!
  • Back to the Dollhouse, I start to think that Adelle and Topher need their own spin-off.  The infected-ones are eating snacks, when Mellie walks in, whining about Caroline. She’s having a breakdown. Uh oh, she says the “3 flowers in vase” line.
  • Caroline flashback: Caroline and her boyfriend look at blueprints of the Rossum building, showing the utility tunnels.
  • Cut to Echo and Sam going down the drain. Echo wonders: “But who can not remember something and not remember it at the same time?”  Hee.  That’s kind of the whole point of your character darling.  Sam points out that maybe the drug is affecting her, or maybe she’s crazy. I say both.  Oh no, Dominic approaches. He apologizes to Echo for trying to kill her. Dominic won’t accept her forgiveness, despite her pleas. Nearby, Victor comes up with the bright idea to confiscate firearms. Sierra has a traumatic memory of her rape and freaks out. Then Victor has a memory about being in the military.  Engagement or real life?
  • Back to Topher and Adelle. Love it. Topher realizes that the drug does affect the actives, it just takes longer.  Great job, genius. They realize that the student didn’t take the drug himself. “It’s a murder.”
  • Cut to Sam and Echo. I again hope that Sam is not bad. Uh oh, what is he doing. Oh no. He doses her. Oh no.
  • Caroline flashback: She and her boyfriend enter the lab.  They see that it’s not just animals, but babies, being tested on.  Ick. A security guard enters. Backin the present, Echo asks why he’s doing it. For money!  Lame.  He was going to sell the drug to Switzerland. Echo tells him that he’s a killer, and then starts tripping from the drug. In a flashback, Caroline’s boyfriend is shot. They keep running.
  • Dominic apologizes to Echo about the “burning alive thing” again. Hee. Boyd punches out Sam. Saves the day … again.  He’s almost too awesome.
  • Flashback to Caroline in the hospital. A guy in a suit called Adelle to come there. Adelle says that Caroline “fits the profile,” but the smart girl leaves before they can find her.
  • Adelle and Dominic have a wierdly awkward, but still hilarious scene.  I would just like to point out again how much I love love love Adelle. Olivia Williams has fabulous comedic timing, and the best expressions.
  • Mellie goes on vacation–yeah right, more like back to the Dollhouse. If Paul only knew. She and Paul say goodbye. Sad. Paul is no Helo, that ‘s for sure. Helo would never let the woman he loves get away.
  • OMG, Adelle recruits Sam? Woah!!!
  • Grrr argh.
  • Next week, more memories. The dolls wake up conscious with memories. The episode is entitled “The Awakening.”  What!!!

Please share your reactions in the comments below.

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