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America is so weird

April 5, 2009

I was online trying to figure out if the story about T:SCC‘s cancellation was really true (verdict: unconfirmed), when I saw the following story:
Box Office Report: ‘Fast & Furious’ shatters records with $72.5 mil weekend | Showbiz News and Scoop | Studio and Network Dish |
It looks like Fast & Furious beat its three previous incarnations, and every movie this year.  What?!?  When I saw the preview for the movie, I thought that it was for a t.v. premiere of the old movie–I couldn’t believe that they were releasing #4 of this silly franchise.  Instead of naming it #4, they "cleverly" just dropped the "the."  Again, what?!?!  I’m sad to live in a world where this crappy movie makes records (more people went to see it than Watchmen !), while T:SCC is being canceled.  Ugh.  If the movies weren’t bad enough, they also get my disapproval for spawning numerous "inspired"/ copy-cat t.v. versions that suck up some of my favorite shows.  Example: that Smallville ep where Pete gets addicted to racing and someone dies as a consequence.  Blech.  Drag racing is stupid.  Whatever.

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