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“Some Like it Hoth” and Some Don’t Like Ewoks

April 19, 2009

Warning: Spoilers for the latest Lost episode, “Some Like it Hoth,” aired 4/15/09, ahead!!!Hurley Dharma
First, I would just like to note that this episode was a geeky buffet of fraktasticness.  I loved it.  And ewoks DO NOT SUCK!!!  I don’t know why everyone gives them such a bad rap.   I re-watched all six Star Wars episodes over the Summer, and I loved Return of the Jedi and the fabulous ewoks all over again.  It’s severely under-rated by overly critical fans.  Plus, if you listen to the commentary, George Lucas points out that the primitive ewoks helping to overthrow the technologically-sophisticated empire is a metaphor.  Hello.  Plus they’re adorable and they make C-3PO their god.  What could be better?!  Anyways, back to the actual Lost episode:

  • The episode begins with a young Miles, and his mother.  They are clearly living on the mainland, so something made them leave the island.  What was it? Child Miles figures out that he hears dead people. Poor kid.
  • Back to the70s: Sawyer wants Miles to erase the security tape.  Unfortunately, Miles is a little slow on the uptake. Horace comes in and wants Miles to deliver something to hostile territory.  “Welcome to the circle of trust”

  • Back to Miles’ flashback:  He’s older now, and he goes to visit his mom on her sickbed. It looks like she has cancer. He wants to know why he can do what he does. She offers no explanation.  Darn.  Miles asks about his father. Mama Miles tells her son that his father never loved them, and that he kicked them out.   Hmmmm.   Miles wants to know where the body is.  Mama Miles: “Somewhere you can never go.”
  • Cut to Miles in the place she said he could never go.  Yeah, I bet she was wrong about a lot of things.  It turns out that the “package” was a corpse. Miles has to bring it to Dr. Chang at the Orchid!!!!!!!!! Does Miles know that that the Doctor is his dad?!? Hurley strolls up, and is all “We can carpool. It will help with global warming, which hasn’t happened yet, so maybe we can stop it.” Hee hee hee.  Love it!  Miles is not lovin’ it so much.  He’s not so much with the sense of humor.
  • Roger Linus comes into the clinic (?)  and freaks out that his son is gone. Oh Roger, you should be grateful the patricidal boy is gone. He storms out since he didn’t see the last two seasons. Kate makes her Kate face in response. C’mon, you know what I mean. She has the same expression every time the camera pans to her.
  • Back to the VW van of hilariousness:  Hurley smells something funny and discovers the body. He also discovers Miles’ power.  Hurley: “You can talk to dead people. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Do you wanna know why?”  Miles: “No.” Hurley:  “Because I can too.”  Yeah, Hurley, but aren’t you just crazy?  Hmmm.  I guess the jury is still out.
  • Miles flashback:  He is scamming a bereaved father with his Ghost Talkers buisness. When he leaves the poor man, Naomi walks up. She is SO wearing a wig. Her employer (aka Whidmore) has been following Miles’ work.
  • Back to the 70s:  Roger is getting drunk on the swings, like all great dads.  Kate goes to comfort the abusive parent, and thus implicate herself in the disappearance of the murderous child.  This show is crazy.
  • Back to the VW van of hilariousness:  Miles: “What I can do has nothing to do with chatting with ghosts, nitwit.” Hurley:  “You’re just jealous that my power is better than yours.”  Classic. Miles and Hurley reach the Orchid and encounter Pier Chang/ Marvin Candle/ Something Eastwick.  Hurley comments rather truthfully:  “Dude that guy is a total douche.”   Despite my objection to the D word, I have to agree.  Miles replies, “That douche is my dad.”  Awkward.
  • Miles flashback: Naomi and Miles investigate a body in a restaurant.  She makes him an offer he can’t refuse.  At first he tries: “As much as hunting down a mass murderer seems really safe, I’m gonna pass.” She offers him 6 million dollars (1.6?) and he completely changes his mind.  Predictable.
  • VW van of amazing dialogue:  Dr. Chang joins the dynamic duo in the van, and Hurley tries to encourage father-son bonding. It’s just sad.  They drive by the construction crew who are building the Swan Hatch.  They are actually etching the serial number on the hatch! 4 8 15 16 23 42! We actually see them building it!  This show is so awesome!
  • Miles flashback: People capture Miles and try to convince him not to work for Whidmore. They ask: “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” Miles says, “No.”  Masked kidnappers: “Then you’re not ready.”  OMFG!  This is major.  Ilana works with/for these people, not Whidmore.  So are they from Dharma?  That’s my theory. “You’re playing for the wrong team.”  Hmmmm.  Whom should we believe?
  • VW van of hilarity: Miles discovers a notebook with writings that sound Star Warsy.  At first I thought it was fan fiction, but the truth is way better.  Hurley: “I’m writing Empire Strikes Back.” Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He plans to send Lucas the script, with a couple of improvements! LOVE IT!
  • Jack fills Sawyer in on the Roger Linus situation.  Sawyer actually thanks Jack!  It’s a beautiful moment. Phil stops by and says that he knows who took the kid. He has the surveillance tape.  Uh oh.  And stupid Miles.  Why would he not destroy the tape?! Sawyer invites Phil in to discuss it, and Phil idiotically accepts.  As the audience predicts, Sawyer knocks the potential-snitch out and tells Juliette to get some rope. Yay!  I don’t know why that made me write “yay,” but it just felt like a yay moment to me.  Yes, I am aware of my weirdness.
  • Back to the van of Star Wars discussion:  Hurley likens Miles to Luke Skywalker: “That was Luke’s attitude too. … he overreacted and got his hand cut off.”  Hee.  The are super-whiny … hee hee.  “But I was going into Toshi station to pick up some power converters …”  “Uncle Owen …”  Hee.  Hurley then proceeds to upset me with the aforementioned Ewoks reference:  “The Ewoks suck, dude!”  Blasphemy, Hurley!  Blasphemy!  I love ewoks!
  • Later, Miles looks in on his dad at home, and Dr. Chang sure seems to like baby Miles.  It’s a sweet moment.  Chang then comes out of the house and tells Miles (secretly crying, mind you) that he needs him, and father and son walk to the dock.  Who is arriving in the subs? Hey, it’s Faraday!!! Yay!!!  Now what has that crazy scientist been up to?
  • Next on Lost: the story of the Oceanic Six will be told from a whole new perspective. It’s in 2 weeks and is the 100th episode.  Can’t wait.

Please comment on your feelings about Ewoks below.

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