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“Chronicles of Jedi Whiner”

April 22, 2009

After last week’s Lost episode, I have been thinking about Star Wars a lot. Luke sure was whiny, but he wasn’t half as bad as his father. Ugh, Anakin Skywalker was annoying. However, the black plastic suit and voice distorter did wonders for his coolness-factor. Both Skywalkers needed James Earl Jones’voice and an awesome mask to be enjoyable as characters. Inspired by such thoughts, I found this hilarious video on YouTube:

Hee hee. Enjoy. Also, another point that I have been contemplating since my great Star Wars re-watch over the Summer: the Jedi always talk about how bad emotions are and how they cloud one’s judgment, etc. However, they always say, “Search your feelings…” Am I missing something? I think there’s a paradox in the Jedi philosophy. O.K., enough imaginary geekiness for me … back to academic geekiness.

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