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Lost: “The Variable”

April 30, 2009

Sawyer readingWarning: Spoilers for the latest Lost episode, “The Variable,” aired 4/29/09!

Here is my live blog, edited with comments:

  • We begin at the hospital.  Desmond has been rushed in for treatment.  I guess those groceries weren’t as bullet-proof and magical as I thought ;D  Eloise Hawking approaches Penny, and says that this is her son’s fault.  Logically, Penny thinks that Ben is Eloise’s son, but Eloise explains that her son is Daniel Faraday.  Wow, she’s a great mom.  It’s all Daniel’s fault … never mind the psychopath who shot Desmond.
  • 23 (?) years earlier: Faraday, who arrived back at the island at the end of last episode, wants to see Jack.  Fariday asks Jack who told him to get on the plane.  Jack replies, “Actually it was your mother.”  Faraday tells Jack that she was wrong.  Like, way to cushion the blow, dude.  Also, with this comment, combined with Eloise’s sentiments above, I sense some major family issues here.  See this show isn’t all about daddy issues–there are mommy issues too!
  • Flashback to Daniel’s childhood: He used to play the piano, but his mean mom made him quit because of his great destiny.  Uh oh, another destiny.  He and Locke should really talk.  Daniel tries to convince his mother that he can “make time” for piano.  She sadly says, “If only you could.”  Ah, show, I love you.

  • Back in the 70s: After Fariday and Miles leave Jack on some mysterious errand, Jack goes to see Sawyer.  They catch each other up on what’s been happening.  Ah, communication.  So rare.  Sawyer introduces Jack and Phil to each other: “Phil, Jack.  Jack, Phil.”  Love it.
  • Meanwhile, Daniel and Miles are at the building site, when Dr. Chang arrives.  Daniel follows him, and we proceed to see the previously aired scene in which we are served a fun dish of dramatic irony: “Did you hear that? Time travel.  How stupid do you think I am?”  Hee.  Faraday tries to get Dr. Chang to urge an evacuation, due to the upcoming Incident (you know, the one that required some poor soul to push the button every 108 minutes).  Dr. Chang: “What could possibly qualify you to make that prediction?”  Daniel: “I’m from the future.”  In classic Sci-Fi tradition, Dr. Chang doesn’t believe the time-traveler.  I’m sure he will when it is too late.  Daniel continues to press, and tells Chang that Miles is his son.  Unfortunately, Miles denies it.
  • Flashback to Daniel in his Oxford days: Mommy dearest comes to visit and is a Bitca to her son’s girlfriend Theresa (the one currently in a coma or dead–did she die?  I can’t remember).  They have lunch, but it is not pleasant.  Eloise wishes Daniel good luck, but her wishes sound neither hopeful nor comforting.  She leaves him a gift, which turns out to be the journal from last season.  Yay, continuity.  I predict that it will come into play again, in a big way, and I am not wrong.
  • Back to the hostage situation at chez La Fleur: The other Losties have joined the party, and they are trying to figure out what to do.  Daniel comes in and asks if anyone knows where he can find the hostiles.  The gang wonders why he wants to know, and Danielreplies: “Because my mother is one of them.  And she is the only one who can get us back where we belong.”  Cue the dead silence.
  • Terminator: Salvation preview!!! I can’t wait!
  • We then cut to the previously aired scene featuring Daniel crying over the crash footage. A woman asks, “Dan, why are you so upset?”  He responds, crying, “I don’t know.”  Then we get to see more of the scene.  “You have a visitor Dan.”  It’s Whidmore!!! I think that he’s Fariday’s Dad by the way (and I turn out to be right!). Fariday has a condition that affects his memory. Whidmore is already funding his research grant. We learn that Daniel was dismissed from Oxford. Daniel is tear-eyed throughout the whole scene: “I tested it on myself first. I would never hurt Theresa.Whidmore has a new opportunity for him:  “What if I told you they weren’t dead.” He explains that he put the crash there–it’s an elaborate fake.  Whidmore claims that the island will heal Daniel’s mind and memory–and he must have been right. Daniel: “Why are you doing all this for me?”  Whidmore: “Because you’re a man of tremendous gifts and it would be a shame to see them go to waste.”  No, because he’s your faaather. Whidmore tells him that his mom is a friend.  I’ll bet.
  • Sawyer is pissed. Jack attempts to enlist the help of Kate in finding the Others, but Juliet beats her to it. Juliet tells Kate the code for the fence. “You should take Daniel. It’s over for us here anyway.” Sawyer looks defeated. Aaaww, poor guy.  The Losties prepare to leave Dharmaville.  Kate recommends bringing guns. That should end well.  Fariday sees Charlotte, and leaves to group to go talk to her.  The scene is both sweet and creepy.   Charlotte is adorable, and has gorgeous hair!  He tells Charlotte that she and her mom have to get on the submarine when Chang asks. “I didn’t think I could change things, but maybe I can.”  Oh, show, just when I was accepting the Lost time-travel rules!  My head hurts.
  • Gun fight (duh). Oh no!  Faraday was shot in the neck!!!!!!!!  Jack shoots a fuel canister, and the explosion allows them to jump into the jeep and escape.
  • Adult Faraday is playing piano (in the same timeline in which he met Whidmore). Eloise walks in, and he looks upset.  She tells him that it is important for him to take the job. Daniel cries about it. Eloise mentions that it could make him better. Daniel agrees.
  • Kate, Jack, and Fariday in the jeep: oh good, his shot is just grazed. He’s going to be fine.  Faraday offers a little exposition: “You gotta understand, Jack. This is our present … We can’t be so naïve as to think that nothing can happen to us. Anyone of us can die Jack.”  By the way, I like the music in this scene–it has a little bit of the Kate theme mixed in, which I love.
  • Juliet and Sawyer. “You still got my back?” “You still got mine?”  Hmmm.  Juliet is gonna die.  Sawyer is gonna cry.  Prediction, not spoiler.
  • Radzinsky arrives at Sawyer’s: “I just got shot by a physicist and the new recruits are helping him.”  Uh oh, they hear Phil. Radzinsky turns the gun on Sawyer and Juliet.  Uh oh.
  • Back to Kate, Jack, and Daniel hiking through the jungle.  Jack: “You need a gun to go talk to your mother?”  Faraday: “You don’t know my mother, Jack.”  Oh, but he does.  Fariday explains the upcoming Incident. He exposits some more, explaining what we have learned so far (because of this one accident, these people are going to spend the next 20 years pushing the button, and Desmond fails to pushed the button which caused the crash to happen, etc.).  Dan says you can’t change the past. But then he brings in the entire reason for this episode: “I’ve been spending so much time focusing on the constants, I forgot about the variables.”  And the people are the variables!!!!!!!!!!!!  I never knew physics was so fascinating!
  • Marina Medical Center (is that where Addison works now?): Penny and Eloise are still talking.  Eloise apologizes for Desmond’s loss (um, a bit premature you pessimistic crazy lady). “I don’t know. For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what will happen. ”  Welcome to the world.  A doctor comes in to tell Penny that Desmond is in the recovery room.  Recovering, as in NOT dead. See, I knew those groceries were made of steel.  Eloise leaves, and Whidmore approaches her outside. They talk about sacrifice.  My sacrifice is way bigger than yours.  No way, mine is, etc. And then the kicker: “He’s my son too, Eloise.”  And then Eloise slaps him and gets in a taxi!  Oooh, I want to find out that story!
  • Faraday goes into the Others’ camp with a gun, looking for Eloise. Um, where are Jack and Kate?  They love to be part of crazy plans.  Daniel: “Where’s the bomb Richard? The hydrogen bomb that I told you to bury?”  Before Richard can respond, Eloise shoots Faraday. Eloise kills her own son!!!  Not that we know he’s really gonna die, knowing this crazy show, but it sure looks like it.  Daniel tells his mom: “You knew. You always knew. You knew this was going to happen and you sent me here anyways.” Ouch. He tells her that he’s her son. The end.
  • Next week: Jack want to follow what Faraday wrote in his journal.  Kate’s not so sure that changing history is the best plan.  I could go either way.
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