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Geek Out Loud Podcast: BAG Continues to Be Awesome

May 6, 2009

BAG, Derek, TSCCRecently, I posted about an interview with Brian Austin Green, which made me fall in love with him (but not in a creepy way). Here’s another awesome interview with my favorite time-traveling resistance fighter (and 90210 alumnus), only this time it’s (relatively) spoiler free. BAG and Geek Out Loud podcast host Steve geek out about Star Wars. Awesome is understating it. There’s also a little talk about 90210 (the original, of course), and paint-balling the paparazzi, which, surprisingly, is illegal–who knew?  Click on the link below, or download it from iTunes.  The interview begins about 26 minutes in, and stop listening at the 1 hour and 25 minute mark to avoid spoilers.  Enjoy.

Geek Out Loud

Also, fun fact: Brian and his girlfriend Megan Fox (Transformers) have Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings debates. Seriously. Watch the excerpt from Clerks II below to get an idea ;D Just imagine that the conversation is happening between two ridiculously hot people. Hee.  Warning: Don’t watch the video below if you’re sensitive to foul and offensive language.

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